Painting a Path – Preserving a Memory

Cliffs of Moher Pathway, Ireland in Watercolor – 11×14

Painting a Path – Preserving a Memory.

On our recent trip to Ireland, I took over 1,000 photos!

I narrowed that thousand down to about 100 that I chose to preserve in a photo book for hubby as a final gift for his birthday and memory book of our amazing trip.

One of my favorite photos is of this stone-lined path along the Cliffs of Moher.

I decided to try and paint it in watercolor – though I’m not a great landscape artist.

Hubby knew right away what and where it was, which made me smile.

I prefer to paint loose, rather than realistically, but sometimes that is even more of a challenge.

Maybe you see another spot or special place near a beach when you look at this painting?

No matter what you see, my hope is that it evokes joy and a sense of peace and happiness.

Cheers & Hugs,

32 thoughts on “Painting a Path – Preserving a Memory

  1. I so love what you painted here, Jodi!! 🐚🌾 It speaks of a special memory for you and your husband… And it paints a scene of peacefulness and JOY! Thank you for sharing it!! πŸ’—

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  2. Benjamin and I were visiting here earlier this afternoon. We left a message here and on the previous post about the book signing. Coming back, I notice that somehow this message did not post. Most likely I failed to hit the post comment button before leaving, we were in a hurry to go adventuring in the hope of finding many treasures and a dead tree. I notice that our previous comments are listed in your ‘recent comments’ section, how handy that little item turns out to be! At any rate, Benjamin wanted to tell you a few things and I will attempt to recreate them as best I can. Per Benjamin to “My Jodi” : “Namaste again! It’s me, Benjamin again! This is a beautifulest painting of a pretty place to visit in another country. Did you go adventuring on that path? That would be fun. I love the birds flying in the bluest sky and whitest clouds. Did you see the blue tree that Ms. Liz had a picture of today? I want to paint a tree too, not a picture, a real tree! Bye, again!” Benjamin wanted to tell you about Ms. Liz’s post “R U Ok?” and the Blue Tree Project. He is totally smitten with the idea of painting a tree blue and spent time looking for “the perfect tree” while adventuring today. Our lack of success did not deter him in the least : “Gem, the perfect tree is somewhere. We just have to find it!” Hopefully, it is not in someone’s yard! We looked up Ireland on a map of the world, we always do that so that he can see where different countries are located in relation to the USA. We do the same with a map of the USA to see where other states are in relation to us. He remembers and will point out countries and states, as well as who lives there. Might I just say that Benjamin’s assessment of this watercolor is perfect, I agree! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Hi Benjamin! I sure did go on an adventure on that path in another country! It is the first time I ever went out of our country to another continent, and it was so exciting! Have you ever yet? You are quite young, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t yet. It took me 56 years! Can you even imagine being that old???!!!
      PS Did you find your perfect tree to paint blue yet?


  3. Oh Jodi, I think you really captured it, I can feel the wind blowing! How fantastic your husband knew right away, so sweet! I am always inspired to paint when I travel, even when I’m just driving to the beach and back I am always seeing clouds, fields, things I want to paint!

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