Overflowing Abundance

Fuchsia Flower – The Symbol of Overflowing Abundance

Overflowing Abundance.

Love abundantly.
Laugh abundantly.

Give abundantly.
Receive abundantly.

Work abundantly.
Play abundantly.

Live a life of overflowing abundance.

Cheers & Hugs,

There are some that believe the fuchsia flower symbolizes overflowing abundance.  Looking at the abundantly-blooming baskets hanging on my front porch, I couldn’t help but be inspired to feel the overflowing abundance life has to offer.  I hope you will think about it… if only for this moment…. and choose to live a life of overflowing abundance.  Abundance because you choose to love and laugh and give and receive and work and play abundantly.

Is it You?

cardinal female

Is it you come to visit my sweet beloved Star?
Does your spirit fleetingly flutter from oh so afar?

Are you happy, and can you tell me if it is really true?
Is eternity the beautiful place they say we go to?

I miss your bright eyes, your warm heart, your infectious laughter.
I dream you’re with Grandpap dancing happily ever after.

Please guide me and show me the best way to be
your legacy, my hero, my matriarch, my cherished destiny.

Cheers & Hugs,

Cardinals have long been believed to represent a loved one who has passed.  It is said that when you see one, it means your loved one is visiting you, and they usually show up when you most need them or miss them.  I have recently come to appreciate the delicate beauty of the female cardinal with her delicate coloring.  The bright red males get most of the attention, but I’m partial to these beauties.

This short poem is written in honor of my beloved Grandma Stella, my star; and this photo I took Saturday morning from our master bath window of Mrs.Cardinal briefly sitting in the dormant Rose of Sharon bush is being shared as part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Ephemeral.