Overflowing Abundance

Fuchsia Flower – The Symbol of Overflowing Abundance

Overflowing Abundance.

Love abundantly.
Laugh abundantly.

Give abundantly.
Receive abundantly.

Work abundantly.
Play abundantly.

Live a life of overflowing abundance.

Cheers & Hugs,

There are some that believe the fuchsia flower symbolizes overflowing abundance.  Looking at the abundantly-blooming baskets hanging on my front porch, I couldn’t help but be inspired to feel the overflowing abundance life has to offer.  I hope you will think about it… if only for this moment…. and choose to live a life of overflowing abundance.  Abundance because you choose to love and laugh and give and receive and work and play abundantly.

42 thoughts on “Overflowing Abundance

  1. As you know, I absolutely agree with every beautifully penned word of this. And I also adore fuchsia …. I remember the first time I visited The Royal Horticultural Societies Chelsea Flower Show which my father had tickets to every year and passed to me during the years I lived in London …. I happened into this humongous tent and ever single entry was a fuchsia – like so many swirling dancers in the most vibrant colours – I think I found heaven that day!

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  2. How do you brilliantly think these poem up? Did the flower inspire this poem ? Or did you play with the thoughts in your head first & then find a picture to portray the words? Beautiful both. Now paint it.

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    • awww – thanks Dena! It goes both ways, but mostly I take the photo first and think about it for a while and see what inspiration I feel from it. Sometimes it comes right away – – sometimes days later – sometimes I google. Ok – I do need to go paint Fuchsia 🙂 ❤

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