Rosemary Garlic Pretzels

rgp cover
My recent snack OBSESSION is Rosemary Garlic Pretzels.

Those that know me best know that even though I  L-O -V-E  to bake…………..

999,997.4 times out of 1,000,000, I would chose a salty pretzel over a chocolate chip cookie as a snack…

to go with my red wine or G&T especially.

rgp snack bowl

So lately, I have been making these SUPER simple, yet oh so DELISH Rosemary Garlic Pretzels.

All you need to do is take a bag of hard pretzels of your choice, break them into “bite-sized” pieces, and layer them on a baking dish.

rgp ingred

Then you simply drizzle with some olive oil, fresh chopped rosemary, garlic & herb (or your favorite) seasoning, and (the special ingredient) a drizzle of honey.

rgp pan

Bake at 250 for 30-40 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes, and voila!

rgp jar top

A yummy snack!

rgp jar

And you should probably NOT do as I do and put a jar full on your kitchen counter…..

Yummy for the Tummy

at Life In Between.

Cheers & Hugs,


13 thoughts on “Rosemary Garlic Pretzels

  1. We’re headed out tomorrow for a three-day camping trip. I’ve already packed the Old Bay for a trial run on corn on the cob. And I think I am going to find the time to make these before we leave. They look AWESOME!!!!!


  2. I’m eating some of these as I type this. INCREDIBLY GOOD and so easy, too. I am going to have to make another batch because these may not last until the camping trip. You’re right – it was a good thing I bought salt-free garlic and herb seasoning because they’re plenty salty as is. Thank you for a terrific recipe.

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