The Day We Almost Caught a Fish

Yesterday was such a great day on the lake.

What an enjoyable extra day off Marty and I had going out for a late breakfast and then heading to Moraine State Park for a boat ride/fishing trip.


Of course we took our trusty First Mate Mikey with us too, who attentively tried to sniff out the fish.


The sky was blue, the water was calm, and there was just enough of a breeze to make it even more pleasant.


While Marty baited his hooks….


and threw in his lines…


I read about 12.5 pages of a book I’ve been meaning to get to.


And then……….


It happened!


A bite!!!!!!

It was a BIG one!

It had to be about  20-24 inches…  at least!

A Striped Bass.

The biggest one Marty ever (almost) caught.

He pulled the line, grabbed the net, and just as he was pulling it up into the boat………..  SNAP!

The line broke, and Mr. Bass got away…..

I tried to get a picture, but to no avail…….

So I guess our story will just have to remain…

a fish tale.


And after a gloriously relaxing day with this hunk of a guy – – – who I remembered especially today how much I adore 🙂 – – –  our pizza was delicious for dinner.

Cheers & Hugs,


2 thoughts on “The Day We Almost Caught a Fish

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