There’s no place like home

“It wasn’t a dream….. it was a place……..”

#Writing101 Assignment #2:  A Room with a View (or just a view):  We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now? For your twist, focus on building a setting description.

I made it through Assignment #1 in #Writing101.  So stressful – yet so rewarding.  Thank you to so many of you for the wonderful comments and encouragement.

Today’s assignment is to write about a place – any place.  Where you would go right now if you had the power to go ANYwhere?

It’s a Monday evening.  The end to a beautiful, perfect end-of-Summer, beginning -of-Fall day.  A hectic, but rewarding work day.   A relaxing, enjoyable evening spent with some of my favorite people.  Monday nights mean my buddy Janet joins us for dinner.

I had meetings up until right before “dinner” time, so Marty was so awesome to help pull it all together while I packed for a business trip and looked forward to enjoying some spaghetti and meatballs with Janet and Marty and Nick, and “unwind” from my day.

Janet and I talked about my first #Writing101 assignment, watched the Season Premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” and contemplated what I would write about for my next post:  Where would we go if we could go anywhere right now?

I asked Janet where it would be for her.

She thought for a bit.  Then she mentioned Greece, Alaska, various places she’s been and loved.

She asked me what I was thinking about.

I told her the first thing that came to mind was Heaven.

Wouldn’t it be cool to go there and visit, talk to some of our loved ones (Grandma, Grandpap)?  It would be great to see there is hope and beauty that lies ahead.  Great to know a paradise awaits.

Then I said it would be intriguing to go back in time to Paris or Germany (or anywhere) circa 1944 – during World War II – and experience what people were going through.  This is totally because I am reading “All the Light we Cannot See,” by Anthony Doerr, and completely enthralled by it.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be an 18-year old boy drafted to Vietnam.  Babies killing babies.   As a mother of boys, this has always tugged at and broke my heart.

But to happier places.

Where would I go if I had the power to go anywhere?

You know what?  For me, it is not necessarily a “place,” but it is a feeling.  It is who I am with.  It is how I feel when I am in “that place.”

And after considering all the places in the world and all the periods of time, I came to the most boring of all conclusions…………….

There is no place I’d rather be than home………..

Home is where so many happy memories have been forged.

The home we are in now is one we built.  It is the one that Marty and I planned so easily when we perused through house plans and presented each other with mirror images of the same house.

But more than that – it is many “houses” that are home.

My BFF Jill knows me so well when she presented me with a beautiful hand-painted plaque for Christmas that simply states, “What I love best about my home is who I share it with.”


Funny thing she hadn’t realized was that I loved that saying SO much that I had already bought a plaque with just that saying on it, and had it hanging on my photo gallery wall.

Home is where we can be ourselves.

It is where my couch cushion is indented on the left from the way I curl up and lean in it.

It is where our oak kitchen table has nicks and worn spots that represent hundreds of meals, games, holidays, discussions with family and friends.

It is where I cook Thanksgiving turkey dinners and bake Christmas cookies.

It is where I host “Girlfriend Camp” and where my boys have brought friends for football games, hot tub parties, sleep overs, dates.


It is where I know my hubby is when I snuggle up next to him at night – feeling content, safe, protected, comfortable, loved.

It is where my Dad came back to me, where other family members rekindled their love for me.


It is where I watched the 9-11 events unfold and embraced my family when they came home after school and work.

Home is where the people I love the most waited for me while Jill took me out to greet me upon our return with a “SURPRISE” 50th birthday party last year.

50 nick


It is where we hosted our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding rehearsal dinner and friends gathered in my kitchen to help host and serve.

jake and colleen rehearsalfriends rehearsal dinner

My happiest memories are those spent at “home” – whether it was Marty’s and my first humble 12X60 mobile home when I was 19 and he was 23 to our little ranch in Fox Run surrounded by lifelong friends raising our little ones to the two houses we built, the memories we created, the lessons we learned, the people that helped and the people we shared with.

Marty has always said a home is not the bricks and mortar, and I have come to realize that is so true.  For a man who lived his entire life until our marriage in the same brick home, he is amazingly profound in his statement.

The best thing about our home is who we share it with…
and there is no place like home.

Cheers & Hugs,




12 thoughts on “There’s no place like home

  1. There is no place like home… So very very true!!!!! However, seeing those loved ones in heaven for a quick journey in time would be amazing!! Guess now I’ll have to wait! Good thing I get to travel Monday nights to your view…. It’s an AMAZING wonderful place!!! XO


    • Oh Janet – were you surprised with what I ended up using? I didn’t even know it was going to be that – and then it just came to me. Must have been after spending a wonderful evening with you! Love you my dear dear friend! xo


  2. Jodi, having been a homeschool mom going to writing clubs and assigning writing topics to my kids for years, I am totally enthralled by your homework! I loved this post as well…and I am coming to visit this magical place in the near future…HUGS:)


  3. Well written and so very true!!! Thanks for sharing and you know what Heaven was the first place that popped in my mind, but than I thought there was one problem…I wouldn’t want to come back 🙂


  4. Well, i had to make it a point to pop over and see what your assignment was and how you pulled it off…..which you did beautifully, by the way. I remember when we bought this old house built in 1915. We moved in, I put all my stuff in here, but it did not feel like home because there were no memories at the time. Now of course, it is home only because of the memories we’ve built here. I’ve heard rave reviews about that book, by the way, I guess I need to add it to my pile. Great job, Jodi.


    • Oh thank you my faithful friend and follower, Barbara. I’m so happy you were able to make your “this old house” into YOUR home. And BTW – I am loving the book – reading it slowly and savoring – I could really learn from the author on writing. It is our next “Best Book Club Ever” book selection, so I am sure there will be more about it to come in the next month or so.


  5. Jodi,
    You are so right, there is “no place like home”!!!!
    Although, my first thought, when you posed the question “where would you go”, are the words from the song “Happy”, like a room without a roof”. My husband sees the silliness come out in me as I sing this song with such gusto, and he’d say, “so, what is a room without a roof?”…ahhhh,so what is it… a room filled with endless happiness, happiness created by you, by me…kinda like home, yes home!!!!
    Have a great, beginning of fall, end of summer kinda day my friend!


    • Oh Char – I love that analogy! As many times as I have heard and enjoyed and thought I was singing along with that fun song, I never realized it said that, and better yet – what it meant! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Wow, Jodi this was really a very special and profound blog. I will have to reread it again just to absorb some of the beautiful things you wrote. When I first read your “assignment” my mind started rolling to here there and everywhere—-of course Italy came to mind and some of the beautiful places we visited many years ago—-a couple come to mind including the birthplace of my Nonno—-grandfather. But after you wrote about home—-Conneaut Lake came to mind. Joyce had made this place my “heaven on earth” for me and this place already had created so many fond memories that encompasses my fortunate life at 72. I only wish my dad and The Chief were here to go out on my boat and fish with me—-of course in spirit they do. Ahh yes and that brings me to a place. Someone once said it doesn’t matter where you are but who you are with—-and for me that surely does apply at least in part. Here at the lake we have met so many gentle, humble caring people that have revitalized my “faith” in people and in life. As crazy as it sounds, I have dreamed of winning the lottery—–millions of course—chartering a plane and flying our very best friends—-another topic—-to some special place all expense paid—preferably near an ocean and talking about life—-with one rule—arguments forbidden or we all go home. Enough of Oh Rob rambling—so there you have my assignment kinda!!! And lastly
    the home is where the heart is………………
    Love your blogs and love you bunches—yup you and Marty would be flying first class!!!!!


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