16 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11

    • Thank you, Barbara. I feel it needs to be honored and remembered. I don’t know about you, but I can go right back to that day and have such an awful feeling and ache in my heart and soul remembering how it felt. But no use trying to put it in words, because there really are none. Thanks for your comment, my friend.


      • Jodi, I wrote a post about our experiences that day and have been agonizing about whether to post it or not because I’m afraid it will come off as self-obsessed or something like that. Take a look at it , please, and let me know what you think. I did gather my courage and hit the publish button which on this post, was very hard for me to do.


      • I was reading it already before you commented here, Barbara, and I LOVED it! Eloquent and Poignant, and not self-obsessed at all. It was/is REAL, and it is a great tribute and reminder to all of us on how to use the tragedy of that day to remember the bigger, more important things in life. I’m so glad you hit “publish.” I always enjoy reading your posts.


    • Hi Katrina – I was actually home, and I remember the “BIG NEWS” in town was that a Krispy Kreme was opening that morning… (seemed so stupid and trivial
      afterwards as of course it was – and has subsequently closed – LOL!) I had sent the boys off to school and had the television on when I saw it. I can remember not turning the TV off for a long time watching in stunned disbelief while calling or receiving calls from loved ones and friends. It was such a sad, scary day. I can remember hugging the boys so tight when they came home, crying with family and friends on the phone……
      I can still feel it all over again when I think about…
      How about you?


      • It really was so amazing. The shock that fell over the whole country. Our feeling of security was shattered. I know that is minimal compared to the families that it directly affected. It amazes me how some people have so easily forgotten. We need to remember this to keep perspective. I love reading your blog and viewing your pictures. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your thoughts and talents with others.


      • You are right Katrina – and thank you so much for your kind words. I love writing and posting, and it means so much when people comment and share their thoughts. Hope you keep on reading and commenting 🙂


  1. Thank you Jodi for posting this. I wanted to remember 9/11 as a tribute, and you did that beautifully. I was at a pharmaceutical Investigator meeting in the JW Marriott Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue from 9/9/01 to 9/14/01. Before getting a flight out home, the days were filled with worry for our country and sadness for the loss of lives.


  2. We must remember and honor those lost on that day. Thank you for the post. That horrible day is forever engraved in my memory. In my hometown there is a memorial park that has an actual beam from one of the towers. I see it every day. When people stop at the park, most people touch the beam. It’s a profound feeling.


  3. 9/11 fid not effect me directly and to me it was just another day at school..as i grew up one by one the incident unfolded ..over the years i came to knw a lot abt tht day…n its ghastliness has always been difficult for me to face

    I knw aniversaries are painful..n all i can say is..
    May God bless their souls.


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