I love you from my head tomatoes

wplus9 punny produce tomatoes

I love this punny saying, and had so much fun making this card.  I couldn’t wait to share how cute it turned out.

When I saw Challenge #85 on the MUSE Challenge site, I thought this card was a good match.

For the MUSE Challenge, participants are provided with a photo to be inspired from and are asked to explain their interpretation.

Here is the inspiration card:


My tomatoes are placed in a similar position as the flowers in the muse challenge card.  It is also similar in its Clean and Simple (CAS) approach with plenty of white/blank space surrounding the featured image.  The flowers have leaves – the tomatoes sport stems.  Both cards have a similar font for the sentiment.

My inspiration for this card came from seeing Maureen Merritt at Mama Mo Stamp’s cute version of adding googly eyes to the tomatoes.

wplus9 punny produce tomatoes2

As we approach the end of fresh tomato season here in Western Pennsylvania, I thought it only appropriate to share this punny produce…

and let you know I love you from my head   TO – MA – TOES!

Cheers & Hugs,


PS  #Writing101 to continue later due to work travel schedule

18 thoughts on “I love you from my head tomatoes

  1. OMG…OMG…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card, Jodi! Now, I admit it took me to the last words to get the pun!! I was just so taken with the tomatoes since I do not think I could live without them! Just made some homemade spaghetti sauce with my daughter today with the tomato base sauce my mom cans out of her garden, and the house smells delish. PS.. love those googly eyes and great stitching…as you will see on my post tomorrow- sewing on a card doesn’t agree with me…


    • You are too cute Cindy! I love tomatoes also…. From my head to ma toes! 🙂 Sounds like a great day making sauce with your daughter. Sweet days and memories. Look forward to seeing your card. I am sure it is exquisite. xo


    • Thanks Ardyth! It’s a little stretch compared to everyone else’s! 😐 I was trying to think outside the box and be creative and just go with the layout and a different take. Hope it was ok. My first try at Muse :). I appreciate your comment.


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