Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – Uh… Me!

big bad wolf
#Writing 101:  Your Personality on the Page:  Today’s Assignment – We all have anxieties, worries, and fears. What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears.  Today’s twist: Write this post in a style distinct from your own.

Well – this assignment is a SUPER easy one.
You know why?
Because I’m afraid of everything…


I want to be brave, but truth be told – I’m a big scaredy-cat.  Afraid of the dark, afraid of stepping higher than three rungs on a ladder.

I want to be a daredevil, but I’m afraid to ride a motorcycle, afraid of super high speeds, deathly afraid of heights.

I want to be a thrill seeker, but – alas – afraid of roller coasters, wouldn’t even think about sky diving or bungee jumping.

I want to be one of those people who run INto catastrophic situations and help people (like my Marty), but my initial reaction is to run away scared….

But rather than write a Debbie Downer post about my miserable anxieties, let’s go with the twist and make it fun and silly in a “different style.”

So in David Letterman Top 10 style – – –

Here are the TOP 10 Reasons I am Afraid of Heights:

'I feel on top of the world, panicky, dizzy and nauseated. I'm afraid of heights.'

10.  If you fall, you can break your arm(s).

9.   If you fall, you can break your leg(s).

8.   If you fall, you can break your neck.

7.   If you fall, you can break your back.

6.   If you fall, you can bust your head open and suffer severe brain damage.

5.   If you fall, you could become paralyzed.

4.   When you are up high, you can lose your balance and fall.

3.   If you fall, you could land in an awkward looking position causing extreme embarrassment.

2.   If you fall, you can look really ridiculous during the process, causing extreme embarrassment.

And the #1 Reason I am Afraid of Heights……….   (drum roll……)

1.   If you fall, you could die.   Death=OK – Pain Dying=Not OK

'I'm afraid of heights.'

Do you agree?  Why isn’t everyone afraid of heights?!

Cheers & Scaredy-Cat Hugs,




9 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – Uh… Me!

  1. Good question. My wife’s sister’s daughter can not handle an aircraft – freaks out. Our brains all seem to process the same information in very different ways. Life is a calculated risk really – every time we step out the front door, or get in a car, we never know what will happen. It’s a roll of the dice.


  2. After a failed first attempt and deciding to go back to the drawing board, I read your response first. Top 10 List…well played. You’ve opened my mind to new possibilities. I need that. Thanks.


  3. Jodi this was the best post. Excellent creativity. I loved it. Are we related? LOL! I suffer from all the same afflications! ♡


    • Oh – so that’s what you meant by saying your husband flies! I didn’t catch it the first time you mentioned that. Well – you just better get him to fly you right over here some time! (And I am a teensy scared of little planes – but not big ones 🙂 ) Did do a couple flightseeing tours in Alaska on 4 seaters and survived 🙂 And actually enjoyed – looking back! LOL!


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