Coffee Bean Christmas Tree

Do you have a coffee lover on your holiday gift list?

I do, so I was excited to try this idea for a simple homemade gift.  It’s a coffee bean tree!  What do you think?

coffee bean christmas tree

styrofoam coneI started with a 12″ Styrofoam cone and painted it with brown acrylic paint.

Once dry, I adhered the coffee beans with hot glue, then decorated with a few red berries and a festive bow.

(When gluing the beans on, I laid the cone down horizontally on a large paper plate, applied an area of hot glue, and poured a handful of beans on, pressing lightly.  Once the whole side was covered, I rotated the cone and repeated.  The loose beans fall off onto the paper plate, and you can redistribute.  For the 12 inch cone, I used about 2/3 of a 1 l lb. bag of beans.)

To finish it off, I glued a brown felt circle to the bottom.

Not only does it look pretty and festive, it smells wonderful too!  I used a dark Colombian roast, but you could do a hazelnut or french vanilla or any other flavor/scent you like.

You might even like to make one for yourself.   It’s a great little kitchen Christmas tree.

I love how it turned out, and I think my coffee-lover liked it too!  🙂

Cheers & Latte Hugs,



15 thoughts on “Coffee Bean Christmas Tree

  1. That is a darling idea! (Notice, I didn use adorable :D). Very cute and I agree it would make a great kitchen Christmas Tree! But then, it would look wonderful in any part of the house and make it smell great too! (I had to really stretch my brain for words other than adorable. I’m pretty sure I will start using that word again soon). 😀 lol

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  2. Are you kidding me? Jodi, seriously, do you ever sleep? This is adorable…how about that, Priceless Joy!?!, I’m using the word if you don’t! The addition of the little red berries here and there really makes it, in my opinion.


    • Thanks, Barbara! It didn’t take much time at all. Did it after work yesterday while hubby was watching TV. I’ve grown so bored with television, so I let him watch all his National Geographic and History and hang around doing other things 🙂 I like the little red berries too. And I wish my blog was as information and sophisticated and classy as yours! Mine’s just simple, silly stuff. When I grow up, I want to be YOU!


      • Don’t be ridiculous, if your blog was simple and silly I wouldn’t be following you. So there. Your blog is lovely in every way and I look forward to seeing what beautiful thing is coming my way every time I see you in my feed! I totally know what you mean about TV…every time I walk in the family room somebody is getting shot or mutilated and I’m just so over it. Roger can sit there and sort of decompress from a long day, but I feel it is such a huge waste of time when all this fun stuff is going on on WordPress and Instagram. A gray and gloomy day today here with lots of rain coming. You?


      • Thanks, Barbara – You’re too kind! Yep – sounds like the hubsters can relate. Rainy and gray here too. Fire lit, Christmas music on, making some Christmas stuff, and an Ugly Christmas Sweater party tonight. I love long lazy Saturday and Sundays! They always go way too fast! What are you up to?


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