My Revised Holiday To Do List

What are you up to this weekend?  Do you have a crazy, long, exhausting “To Do” list for getting ready for the holidays?

I recently saw a great revised list on Instagram… and it really made me think.   So I got to working on re-setting some of my own priorities.

Christmas to do list 2014

#1:  Do you have a lot of presents left to buy?  I do!  But I’m not going to worry about it.  If it gets down to the wire, I’ll just give gift cards or money.  I think my kids like that best anyway.

And when I receive a text from my cousin’s six-year old daughter like I did earlier this week that says:

I have a concert on Saturday December 13.  Can you be there?  I don’t know what time

Well – you can bet I’ll be there.  Those kind of invites are too precious to pass up!

#2:  Do you still have wrapping to do?  Remember there are always gift bags.  Instead, make sure you wrap everyone you love with lots of warm hugs.  And my little twist is to always try to be the last to let go….  You never know when you might get the chance again or how much that person needs it at that moment.

#3:  I still haven’t sent my cards out.  And you know I’m a card making fool!  Much more fun creating them than addressing and stuffing and licking envelopes, so whatever ones I do get out, I do – and it will be sent with all the love and time I put into it.  But if I don’t get them out, or even mail them after the holidays – that’s ok – right?!  No crime!  I want to make sure I’m sending love, not just a card for a card’s sake.

#4:  I’ve got lots of food shopping to do – and no worries – the stores are open 24 hours, so I will eventually get there.  What I do want to make sure we do is donate food to those in need.

#5:  I love to make cookies – and it is a rare occasion that we don’t have a homemade cookie in the house to munch on or offer a guest – but guess what?  No Christmas cookies baked yet.  I’ll get to some I’m sure.  What is more important is making time for people – like the little cutie we’re going to go listen to sing on Saturday or the chocolate-making class I went to last night with my daughter-in-law.  Sure – I could be baking, but I first want to make time for those I love.

#6:  I adore seeing all the Christmas lights, and Marty and I sure had fun at Kennywood’s Festival of Lights, but what is more important is that I make time to BE that light.

#7:  And Parties….. I kinda live for hosting parties.  We are hosting four in a row from Christmas Eve until Saturday 12/27, and then again on New Year’s Eve.  YIPPEE!  Am I stressing over it?!  NOPE!  Will I fuss?  Probably not so much.  Or maybe a little – if I have time.  But if I don’t — – not gonna worry!  As long as the people show up, we have something to eat and drink, and there is lots of love and laughing – then the party is a success!  Right?

Christmas to do list revised 2014

So check your list.  Does it need a little tweaking?  A couple of revisions?  Make sure you are cherishing each moment along the way.

Cheers and Hugs,


17 thoughts on “My Revised Holiday To Do List

  1. See, I told you! This confirms it. You ARE a beautiful person on the inside (and outside) and with a very beautiful heart! I loved this post! Now, I have a question for you. What does one buy for elderly people in nursing homes? I have decided that is what I am going to do on Christmas – go to one of the elderly nursing homes and visit the elderly and give gifts. That is if I can figure out what would be appropriate to give them (and not expensive).

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    • I just try – not always beautiful inside – remember – NOT PERFECT! 🙂 – but just keep trying – and hopefully this list will remind me and I can really try hard to remember it. What a great idea to give gifts at a nursing home. In my experience, they love the gift of time most of all. An ear, a touch, a hug, someone that looks them in the eye and listens and is fully “present” with them. They love music – so bringing in music is wonderful – live or recorded or something to listen to music on. The ladies love getting their hair down or their nails done. Can you do either? Or buy gift cards to a service that is available at the home? I’ve also found they love stuffed animals believe it or not. Something to cuddle with, talk to, often feels like their baby or pet. Especially the ones that talk and say funny things :). So even if you cannot afford to buy anything, your “presence” in visiting is likely the best “present” of all! Love your beautiful thoughtful heart too!

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      • Thank you Jodi! Those are excellent ideas! (No, I can’t do hair). Nail polish might be a good idea! I love the stuffed animals idea. You have given me some good things to think about. 🙂


  2. Love the list! In fact I’ve copied it to my desktop! Even though I’ve downsized my holiday to do list dramatically over the years, I sometimes think of adding more and overdoing it. Only think! Thanks, Jodi for the reminder of what’s really important.


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