Monday again

cardinal winter

I swear this cardinal is blowing a raspberry at us saying “Na Na Na Na Poo Poo – It’s Monday Again!”

Oh Monday…

You are a beginning,

and you are an end.

Like a glass that is half empty to one,

and half full to another.

You are just another day,

but oft with dreaded suspension.

Let us hang on to the hope,

that comes with your inception.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Cheers & Hugs,

21 thoughts on “Monday again

    • Thanks Rebecca Lynn! Thanks means a lot as I am very new to this type of writing and having fun experimenting and expressing myself 🙂 It is cold, but beautiful, and I enjoy the four very distinct seasons we get to enjoy here in Mars!! 🙂


    • Not exactly slammed, but about 5 inches and school is closed. Looks like a winter wonderland from my view in the woods, but my BFF and son told me the roads are fine out in the “civilized” world 🙂


  1. Another beautiful poem, Jodi! You are capturing stunning images through your camera lens, my friend! Nothing brightens a cold, winter day more than a cardinal in the snow. I just love the ‘bokeh’ effect the snowflakes create! Stay warm and safe… and enjoy your snow day! ♡


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