Winter Morning Moon over Mars

winter morning moon over mars

Dawn yesterday morning brought a fresh dusting of snow, single digit temperatures, and the brightest beautiful full moon.  I threw a coat on over my pajamas, slipped my feet into my rubber crocs, and set my tripod up on the side porch to capture the scene (and oh what a scene it would have been if you would have seen me!).

When my dad called for our daily chat at approximately 7:05ish (he’s a school bus driver in his retirement, and we are making up for lost time, so we talk every morning between his high school and middle school run), he commented on the beautiful moon he was looking at while we were talking.

It made me smile to think we were chatting and sharing the same moon together, if even for only a few moments.  Our morning chats are so special.  Sometimes I talk the whole time, and sometimes he does.  Sometimes we have lots to stay, and sometimes not so much, but it always makes me smile and is such a wonderful way to start my day.

Dad reads my blog every day, but since he gets up at 4:30am and is on the road before my blog posts each day at 6am, he always comments about the post from the day before.  I think it’s sweet that he always reads it (and sometimes finds typos for me to fix).  But it makes me smile, because he reads every single word – even every ingredient in my recipes (wondering if he would like it as he’s a pretty picky pop).  I’m so fortunate to have him in my life as one of my guys.

Hopefully he is smiling reading this (and hopefully there are no typos).  🙂

Happy Friday everyone!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS Look for a yummy cookie recipe post tomorrow: Chocolate Sprinkle Cherry Kiss Cookies!

21 thoughts on “Winter Morning Moon over Mars

  1. Beautiful moon picture Jodi! That is so sweet about you and your dad. So glad ya’ll are able to make up for lost time. Kind of reminds me of my dad. That’s a story in the future. Anyway, it warms my heart reading about it. Wanted to let you know I ALWAYS look forward to reading your post in the mornings (no matter what time I wake up. lol). And I CAN’T wait to get the recipe tomorrow. (Poetry class starts Sunday evening!) Here is your morning hug ((HUGS!!)) xoxo

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    • Thanks PJ. I always appreciate hearing from you! Thanks for you ongoing support and friendship. And I’d love to hear your dad story. Now go back to sleep!! Lol! It was hard to get out of bed here this morning at 10 degrees. Hugs

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  2. Good morning, Jodi and Jodi’s Dad, too! I’ve seen a ton of moon shots on Instagram this past week and, Jodi, honestly? Yours is by far the best! It’s the angular dark branches contrasted with the bright moon which just makes this photo. Moon Over Mars!! By the way, phones do not take good pictures of the moon.


    • Awh! Thanks Barbara! What a compliment. I am so not confident about my photography and especially since I don’t have the wonderful editing tools that most photographers have like photoshop and lightroom to correct, so that is such a sweet compliment. And thanks for saying hi to Dad 🙂 – he reads the comments too. Happy weekend! xx


  3. I am so glad you get to have those chats in the morning. Dad and I spent hours talking(in perso) when I visited. I know that he read all of my letters-pre internet- about every topic imaginable. I do miss those chats. You certainly brought back pleasant memories.

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  4. Hi Jodi’s Dad and Jodi!

    Your gorgeous photograph looks like it was taken in my yard. The full moon was so big and beautiful between the trees. I took a picture, but the moon ended up looking like a dot. Nice work Jodi.


  5. The editorial efforts of your Dad reminds me of my Dad who was an editor. He always called the full moon “Kelly’s moon”. You are so blessed to have your very special editor in your life!

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  6. So glad you got up so early to capture this beautiful picture! What a tender thing about you and your Dad talking on the phone. So precious! Also precious how he reads your blog every day. My Dad does too 🙂 And yup, tells me about my typos, LOL! But it is so cool to hear him comment to me about each blog. I keep telling him that I got my gift of words from him 🙂

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  7. What a beautiful reflection on your dad; certainly a wonderful thing to share with him. I absolutely love your photo. I must admit, the past few weeks, your photos have really captured my attention. Very well done! Do you have a photography background?

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    • Wow, Linda! What a compliment. I am completely blown away 🙂 (blush) Thank you so much. I am a complete newbie teaching myself photography. I’ve had absolutely no formal training, but got a camera a year ago for Christmas from my hubby after expressing an interest. I am having so much fun with it and trying to learn along the way. Long way to go, but thank you so much for the sweet and kind encouragement! You kinda made my day :\


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