March Came in Like a Fluffy White Lion

March Lion 2

From the front porch – the shrubs are nearly buried in fluffy whiteness

March Lion 3

Even this weeping cherry tree is barely above the snow piled up near it from clearing the front sidewalk

March Lion

There really ARE shrubs under that pile of fluffy whiteness on the other side of the front porch railing

March Lion 5

I never tire of this sunrise view from the back deck – no matter the season


or watching views like this… Mr. Cardinal clearing the snow off the seeds while Mrs. Cardinal waits patiently

If March came in like a lion in Mars, it sure is a beautiful fluffy white one!

And Bonus…. if legend has it right, it will go out like a lamb.

Looking forward to daffodils and tulips and crocuses and forsythia and all the delights that Spring brings, but for now…

I’m still enjoying March’s majesty.

Cheers & Hugs,

15 thoughts on “March Came in Like a Fluffy White Lion

  1. Beautiful photos Jodi. The landscaping around your home is gorgeous! March came in here as rain. LOL! We had snow the last day of February. I look forward to spring and to complaining about the heat. Hahaha! Have a wonderful day! (Hugs!) xoxo

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    • Hi Barbara – I actually did for this one. I pulled the top sash of my kitchen window down and shot from inside. The cardinals are especially skittish when I go out. You would think they would realize I am the one putting all that food out for them and not be afraid, but not so…. 🙂


      • Cardinals are notoriously skittish and actually hate having to go up on a feeder. They would much prefer to get their seeds on the ground. So you did great capturing these shots; it’s much harder than it looks.

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      • Thanks Barbara! You are so good for my ego 🙂 But actually, we have this pair (my hubby swears there are two pairs) of cardinals at our feeders daily. They are so beautiful with their brilliant colors against the white.


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