Seeking Sole Mates


Most chores around the home are enjoyable (baking)…  or at least tolerable (vacuuming because it gives me more steps on my Fitbit) …  or there’s a way to make it more fun or interesting (trying new recipes for dinner, taking photos and blogging about it)… or you can hire someone to do it (bless you Karen and Lori for spit shining my house to perfection once a month!).

Then there is laundry…  and it’s not even about the throwing it in the washer and flipping it to the dryer dealio… it’s the FOLDING.

Oh the drudgery of it!

And most especially the whites… underwear, inside-out t-shirts (that sometimes go back that way just because), handkerchief after handkerchief (especially this time of year).

But most of all – I dread the socks.

I’ve tried various sock strategies throughout the years – like buying all the same kind so I don’t have to look for matches, color coding for the individual (son, hubby), rolling in a ball, folding, the one-two top fold over… Just haven’t found the joy in any of it….

And why oh why is there always one spare single in nine out of ten loads of laundry seeking a “sole mate?”

I’ve tried making it interesting…

  • Folding in front of the television
  • Folding while on the phone with a friend
  • Folding with music in my ears
  • Marching in place (for more Fitbit steps of course!)
  • Singing while folding (to the horror of my family or anyone nearby)
  • Drinking red wine while folding …

So yesterday morning, in an attempt to entertain myself while folding, I found myself making up words to the Meghan Trainor song, “I’m All About that Bass.”  It started out like this:

I’m all about that fold
About that fold
About that fold
No wrinkles

I’m all about that fold
About that fold
About that fold
No wrinkles

Yeah it’s pretty clear
I’ve got no crease groove
but I can fold it fold it
like I’m supposed to do

Cause I got the bend and tuck
that all the clothes chase
All the right folds
in all the right places

Oh I could go on – but I think that’s enough – eh?!

So sock it to me friends!  I desperately NEED your tips for finding the joy in the fold.

And until then, I’ll be boom boomin’ to the lavado.

Cheers & Hugs,

31 thoughts on “Seeking Sole Mates

  1. I wish I had a magic secret to make your clothes folding more exciting. Unfortunately, I don’ think there is anything that can make this task more exciting. It is just one of those necessary evils. I am not familiar with the song that you are using as your “folding” song, but it sure does sound cute! Anyway, I will try and get the wheels of ideas in my head turning and see if I can think up an answer for your folding dilemma. Good morning Jodi! Hope you have a wonderful day! xoxo (I’m on my way back to bed).

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  2. OH you made me laugh!! I hear ya!! I need advice too 🙂 And yes I hate the missing socks! Tho the nice thing is did you know that among teenagers today it is COOL to wear mismatched socks! 🙂 So hey I don’t even try anymore to find the mate 🙂
    I do try to remember what my friend told me once about the drudgery of folding. She is thankful that at least she has clothes to fold! Clothes to wash! Its a luxury not everyone has, changes your perspective some.
    Have a great DAY!

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    • I hear you loud and clear JR and definitely am thankful to have those in my life that I fold socks for – just felt like having some fun with it today 🙂 I would be so sad not to have them.


  3. folding socks is just the worst. i usually just leave them in the basket until the hubs gets desperate enough for a pair of clean socks that he’ll help me fold them. if you do come up with a way to make it fun, please share!

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  4. I help my People by sitting on top of the laundry while they are trying to fold it. I am not sure that it makes the process any faster, but it’s all I can do. Maybe Mikey could try that. 🙂


    • Albert – I should have known you are a great help to your peeps! You are such an amazing guy! Thanks for your advice! I’ll mention it to Mikey, and we’ll see how it goes.

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      • I like creating order out of chaos. Who says I’m not German!! LOL! And I do the ball method of folding the socks which they say not to do but that’s how I’ve always done it and will continue. BTW, speaking of Fitbit, I have the one you wear on the wrist and the wristband broke the other day, so I haven’t been able to tally steps. I have been so lax on the effort because of the horrible weather and inability to get out on the trails because you know how much I loathe the treadmill. But with nothing but rain and soggy weather in the forecast, I hoofed it onto the treadmill this morning. It’s not that bad, I guess.

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  5. Oh, Jodi, we are so related! I hate folding laundry. It is such a necessary evil, though, second only to ironing (UGH!). In England, with teeny tiny washing/drying drums, clothes tend to come out in baked cotton pleats no matter how you wash them, so I tend to partially dry and then finish everything off on an airer. Which means that Mondays (and usually part of Tuesdays) my house looks like somebody’s thrift store threw up in my kitchen. *sigh* Still, my only proper joy in folding, ironically, comes from sock matching. It must be an OCD thing or a relic from my mismatched and rumpled childhood… but I fiind perverse joy in seeing every sock is properly married.

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    • I know – they must be trapped in a million places behind the dryer, under the dryer, in the ceiling (LOL!) An age-old battle! I have a basket of whites to fold right now – but I think I will go to bed and think about it tomorrow – maybe! 🙂

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