Two – ooo Turtle Doves

Mourning Doves 032015

When I was younger, I laughed at my grandma, in-laws and later even my hubby, who is four years older (and dang it – I hate to admit – wiser!), when they would get so excited watching, feeding, and identifying birds.

And then guess what happened?

Yep – you guessed it!   I became fascinated with watching, feeding, and identifying birds…. (and add PHOTOGRAPHING to that too!)

A true sign of “maturity.” (the positive way of wording the reality of getting OLD!)

And now our kids laugh at us…  Hmmfff!  Some day their kids will laugh at them.

This pair of Mourning Doves, which I’ve come to learn are also referred to as Turtle Doves, made me think of the beloved Christmas Song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” (hence my clever and witty post title – – tell me you got it and are singing along too?!??!!!)

They make a beautiful cooing noise and are so sweet.  This is one of the larger birds that come to the feeder on our deck, and they are like the gentle giants.   I think this pair is husband and wife.   🙂   I am fascinated with how the birds really pair up.  The cardinal male and female are almost constantly together.

If three french hens come to the feeders, I’ll be sure to share.

Cheers & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “Two – ooo Turtle Doves

  1. Twelve drummers drumming = party at Jodi’s house. Yes I’m singing. And my daughter makes fun of us all the time. I hope she catches the birdie bug, too. She’s already a photography bug (uncles and aunts, she sadly gets that from neither of her parents!) Happy Hoothoots.

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  2. Oh this post made me smile and laugh! My parents love watching birds to and had a bird book to identify them. My daughter didn’t think it strange tho, she would spend a lot of time going through the bird book herself! She is wiser than her years! Love Mourning Doves and hearing their Coo! Thanks for the pictures and will be looking for those French Hens, LOL!

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  3. Yes, you have gotten that song inside my head now. Beautiful two turtle doves! I love it that they are married. I love that some animals mate for life. I think that is so awesome! I killed a spider in my house one day (I know, shameful!) and another spider came after me – well let me know it wasn’t happy. And I didn’t know that spiders or some spiders are monogamous! I felt so badly for killing it’s mate. Please send us pictures of the 3 french hens when they come to visit you. 🙂 Happy Tuesday Jodi! ((Hugs))! xoxo

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    • Oh no – I didn’t even consider it Spiders had mates! I will have to think harder about that now, and try to just put them outside if they get in instead of smooshing! Glad you are singing already! Happy Day PJ! Hugs back!

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      • OH you all are too funny about the spiders! I am sorry, but I will have to be the bad guy here, I ain’t putting no spider outside. I am sorry about its mate, so maybe they should stay together when they come see me and I will kill both at once. Before you think I am too heartless I do love how animals mate for life, did you know penguins do too! My hubby and I watched the Pebble and the Penquin while dating and have it on DVD now 🙂

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      • Wow, that is so neat they mate for life. I did see something on tv about the male staying with the egg while the mother went to get something to eat and was gone quite awhile! And the same thing happens for the male.


  4. We too, have become enamoured with the birds who visit our yard. Last year we had a dove couple, along with their baby, who would visit our yard quite frequently. It was so funny to watch them as a family. I am not certain if it was Mom or Dad but one of the adults worked very hard to feed baby, while the other stood by & just chilled. I assumed it was the mother doing all of the work!

    Love the gorgeous blue undertone you captured in your pair of doves. So beautiful!

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  5. Oh my gosh, I just think I say a partridge in our pear tree!!!! Love the birds and sure hope my Purple Martin gourd boxes bring them in this year although I may have to be on duty with my Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle and chase away at risk of life, those pesky damn house sparrows. Of course I am constantly reminded, “You’ll shoot your eye out, Oh Rob”!!!

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