Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Blue Cheese

bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE easy and amazingly delicious party appetizer?

bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates 2

Well – look no further!  This might sound unusual, but do not doubt that EVERY guest will love this recipe!

bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates 3

Not only do these taste AMAZING… they are actually SUPER SIMPLE too.

And even people that THINK they don’t like dates or blue cheese….

(because EVERYbody loves bacon – right?!)

will LOVE these.

bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed dates 4

I took these to our “best ever book club” party this weekend, and I can tell you they didn’t last long.

Give this YUMmy recipe a try.  (And I will accept your “thank you’s” later!)   🙂

Bacon Wrapped Dates stuffed with Blue Cheese


Pitted Dates
Danish Blue Cheese

Slit date. Stuff as much high quality blue cheese into the date as you can fit. Squeeze together. Wrap with a half of a slice of bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 minutes.

With party season upon us, add this to your file of must-do gotta-love recipes!

Cheers & Hugs,

27 thoughts on “Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Blue Cheese

  1. Yummm! Those look so good. And, they look so easy to make. I have a question about blue cheese. Isn’t the “blue” that is in the cheese, mold? LOL! That’s what I have always thought and I could be wrong. Anyway, these look REALLY DELICIOUS!! (Except for the mold).

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      • I LOVE Medjool dates. You might like to try this sometime:

        Soak 1/3 cup RAW cashews in water for, at least, an hour (the longer the better). You can let them soak overnight. Blend (a hefty blender helps) soaked and drained cashews, 1 cup cold water (I usually end up adding maybe an 1/8 of a cup more), 9 – 10 pitted Medjool dates, 1 heaping tablespoon raw cacao powder (I use Navitas brand), and a tsp. of vanilla. After that’s blended well, add a full tray of ice cubes. Blend again until ice is dissolved.

        It makes two good size servings.

        Depending on the size of the dates, I may add more or less.

        I’ll send another good Medjool recipe sometime.

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