Enveloped in the Beauty and the Gesture

purple patch of wildflowers

One of the many benefits
of living in the country

and such a
sweet surprise

is when
hubby mows the lawn

but drives around
a patch of wildflowers

leaving them intact
to add a patch of purple
amidst the green

to take my breath away –
not only in the beauty…
but also in the gesture.

Cheers & Hugs,

28 thoughts on “Enveloped in the Beauty and the Gesture

  1. Jodi…I did this same thing earlier in the season. We have violets galore in the lawn and they are so pretty I hate to mow them down. Isn’t nature wonderful ! Lois

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  2. I enjoy nothing more than filling the morning air with the minty scent of Creeping Charlie. I don’t mow other flowers though, intentionally. Well, at least I try to avoid them. I’ve been told that I am not very good at avoiding things. 🙂

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