A Wine Basket of Firsts – Bridal Shower Gift

wine bridal shower gift 3

I had a bridal shower to attend this weekend for the future daughter-in-law of one of my besties.

I thought it would be cute to make a wine basket gift of “firsts.”  I had seen these before and thought they were cute for couples who already have most of the “basics.”

In a large tin beverage bucket, I put a box of 4 red wine glasses, a box of 4 white wine glasses, a cork screw, and 6 different bottles of wine with fun names to celebrate some milestones and firsts.

The first one is Champagne (actually Prosecco) for “The Wedding Night.”

wine bridal shower gift wedding night bottle

The next one, Entwined, is for “The Honeymoon.”

wine bridal shower gift honeymoon bottle
For “The First Fight,” I thought a bottle of LOL!!! was fitting.

wine bridal shower gift first fight bottle

To toast at “The First Dinner Party,” I provided a bottle of HobNob.
wine bridal shower gift first dinner party bottle

When “The First Anniversary” rolls around, a bottle of Two Vines can be shared.

wine bridal shower gift first anniversary bottle

And if they are blessed with “The First Baby,” a bottle of Menage a Trois can be enjoyed.  (and if they want to use it for something else, I just don’t need to know about it!)

wine bridal shower gift first baby bottle

Anna and Kyle’s wine rack is now stocked.  Bring on the wedding!

wine bridal shower gift 2

Cheers & Hugs,



29 thoughts on “A Wine Basket of Firsts – Bridal Shower Gift

  1. Thank you for coming to town to celebrate Kyle and Anna! This gift got applause! Everyone wants to steal it. Thank you too for taking pictures at the shower. I love you, friend!

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