Watercolor Butterfly

watercolor butterfly Jill bday

Today is my BFF’s birthday.  And what kind of bestie am I when I am pretty sure she is going to see this card here before she receives it in the mail???!!!  UGH!

BFF Jill is one of the most creative, supportive, generous, loving people I know.  And here I am late getting her card to her…

I have been wanting to draw and watercolor a butterfly for a while now.

This past week, however, had me in New York City for three days, home a day, and then off to Cleveland for an overnighter with another bestie for Saturday and Sunday.  All awesome stuff I must say, but little time for relaxing and creating.

Sunday evening, I finally found some time to sit down and be “creative.”  It was good to get my watercolor paint out again, draw a butterfly outline, and let it flow.  I was inspired by some designs I had seen done using a butterfly diecut at SimonSaysStamp.  For my card, I just drew a butterfly outline and then dropped in some color.

Jill and I have been through so much together.  I don’t know what I’d do without her. She and her family are our chosen family.  She is there for me in the most important of times (difficulties with family, emergencies, doubts, disappointments, but also celebrations, holidays, and milestones).

Many years ago, Jill and I went to a Bette Midler concert.  We’ve watched the movie “Beaches” together.

You know how couples have a “song?”  Well, Jill and I have a “song.”  It is “Wind Beneath My Wings,” by Bette Midler.  (and yes – hubby and I do have a song too – wonder if he knows it as the same one I do…. Merv?!).

So a butterfly seemed the perfect card for Jill – the wind beneath my wings.

If only I could have got it there on time….

Love ya Jill!  Happy Birthday!

Cheers & Hugs,


19 thoughts on “Watercolor Butterfly

  1. It’s beautiful, Jodi! I think watercolor may be your medium; you just seem to have a natural affinity for it! This is really lovely. I like that the colors have depth to them, and you didn’t try using colors commonly found in butterflies, you just did your own thing. It’s beautiful! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see receive this. 💛


  2. Jodi, I now insist that you start marketing these masterpieces! People would pay big bucks for such innovative and beautiful cards! You have lucky friends and family getting these originals early on!

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  3. This is so cool for several reasons. One, I love butterflies! Two, my bestie’s birthday is today too! 🙂 and Three, YUP we watched Beaches and made it our movie also. I knew that you and I were kindred spirits. LOL!

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  4. To have a friend like Jill is a blessing indeed! They are rare pearls… Strangely, I was supposed to go to the Bette Midler concert here in Atlanta a few weeks ago. I’ve wanted to see here since the 70’s and was soooo excited. But they had to reschedule the concert due to some stupid basketball playoff game (duh…) and I couldn’t go on the new date. AGMA is still pouting…

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