Don’t Take that Route Little Squirrel


the little grey squirrel that visited our deck

Hello little Squirrel…
are you a boy or are you a girl?

I love the way your fluffy tail
has such a happy curl.

We thought you were so cute
the first day you gave the bird feeders a whirl.

It was fun to watch you leap and jump
and prance and dance and twirl.

But you were a bit of a piggy…
eating more than your fair share.

So we had to give a shout
that gave you a little scare.

I sure hope that your feet – that are a little biggy
withstood that leap and kept you springy
from the tromps and claps and shouts
of that old meany Papa Bear McKinney.

Have fun climbing trees and running about,
but please watch out – – -don’t take the route
that causes us… to chew you out.

Cheers & Hugs,

23 thoughts on “Don’t Take that Route Little Squirrel

      • Well, all that is needed is an area which has no trees within ten feet in any direction.

        Next, use a post-hole digger, dig down below your frost line and place a large pole of your choice (preferably square) in and back fill the hole tight and solid for good support.

        Next, use a piece of at least 1/2 inch weatherproof plywood on top of the pole, attach very firmly with long screws or long nails, do not use support struts under the platform.

        Next, visit a metal shop. you will need four pieces of thin sheet metal the same length as the 4 same-length sides of your wooden platform. Each piece of sheet metal should hang below the main platform freely at least 6 inches, unattached to anything except the platform where the sheet metal was bent at 90 degrees about 4 inches from one edge of sheet metal.

        (The wider your top platform, the better. I used a 3 foot piece)

        When rodent attempts to get on top of platform, it can not do so as the sheet metal moves and is a solid, smooth surface which the rodent can not grab hold of.

        Climbing the pole will not help rodent get food. I know this sounds hard to build and can cost a few bucks for the sheet metal, but only birds will get the costly food you put in any feeder you attach to the top-center of the to platform.

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      • This does make sense John. Just not sure we have any area on our 3 1/2 acres that does not have trees within 10 feet! LOL! appreciate the time you took to share this idea!

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    • Mine too Carol. One of his job was to protect those bird feeders and we didn’t realize how well he did until we lost him 3 weeks ago. 😕. Thanks for your visit !!


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