A Wizard of Oz Party

A Wizard of Oz Party.

Yesterday, I shared a recipe for Butterscotch Haystacks that I mentioned I made for a  Wizard of Oz Party.  Today, I want to share some more of the super simple treats I prepared for our little group of 11 ADULTS who decided we wanted to watch the Wizard of Oz together.

I prepared a salami, cheese, and olive tray in the shape of the infamous Yellow Brick Road.

And oh what a joy it was to answer my cell phone at exactly the assigned start time of our little party to be asked to come outside…..

When I stepped out onto the porch in the dark and looked into the driveway, a group of seven silly, sweet friends had their arms linked together in a row and came skipping up to the porch singing, “We’re off to see the Wizard… the wonderful Wizard of Oz…” as if they were on the yellow brick road.

I knew we were in for a fun night!   One friend dressed as a scarecrow and another in the “outfit” she wore when she saw the movie for the first time – jammies, a blanket, and pig tails!

We had Bugles “Tornadoes” to dip and munch….

along with Potato Sticks “Scarecrow Straw” and Cheese Curls “Lion Tails.”

There were Hershey’s Kisses “Tin Man Hats”

and bowls of Skittles and Dark Chocolate M&M’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

We gathered at the bar first for drinks and toasting to get the evening started, then made our plates and settled into comfy seats (some even on the floor) to watch the classic we had discussed weeks before talking about how scared, yet fascinated we were as children.   (Notice even Charlie – peeking from front bottom right below – and his friend Gemma hunkered in.)

For almost two hours, we were mesmerized as if we were children, yet noticing so many more things as adults.  We sang along and recited phrases.  We laughed, we gasped, we recounted childhood memories…

It was a silly theme and reason to get together, yet somehow turned into a sincerely authentic experience…

Maybe I’m still on the Brene Brown buzz of vulnerability and courage to be oneself after reading her latest book, Braving the Wilderness, but I woke up the next morning (granted a bit fuzzy from a wee bit too much wine), but feeling completely joyous and connected and complete.

What would life be like without friends?  I hope I never have to know.

And remember……….

You’ve always had the power my dear.  You just had to learn it yourself.”

Cheers & Hugs,


86 thoughts on “A Wizard of Oz Party

      • Good idea.However, i would never be able to replicate your snack presentation. Do you take orders and can you deliver here? Ha Ha. As I side note..in the Wizard of Oz movie there are 2 twin female munchkins that were in the movie and that are right in the front when they first tell Dorothy to “follow the yellow brick road”. Those 2 women went to hogh school with my dad and i remember meeting them when I was very young.At that ime they were in their 50 or 60^s I think. Just a little trivia.

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  1. Simply brilliant! The warmth of friends delighting in a shared gathering, all throwing themselves into the theme (love that they all skipped up the path to your door link-armed in the spirit of being off to see the Wizard), your brilliant themed snacks and just the movie the centre of it all. What a lovely evening shared with those you chose to love – thank you for sharing! ❤️

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  2. It’s great to go on a journey albeit back to your childhood or a voyage abroad…..but the greatest lesson from that journey is….there’s no place like home….there’s no place like home! Perhaps your next creative spark hits the classic….It’s a Wonderful Life……it is you know. ….love you bunches….(wearing my red slippers)

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  3. You are so dang creative Jodi!! And what an easy theme to put together, too. I couldn’t wait every year to watch The Wizard of Oz, all six of us kids gathered in the living room to watch on TV. Wonderful memories! (And I am still terrified of tornadoes!)

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  4. Party Planning by Jodi, another one of your many talents! What a fantabulous idea for a party with friends. Somewhere over the rainbow, Judy Garland is surely smiling! You are such an inspiration for adding joy to life in spectacular ways. Thank-you!

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  5. Oh, this looks like so much FUNZA!! 😃 Love the creative way you served your treats! But my real question is did you use Brick cheese in your appetizer?! hehe 🧀 I always loved that movie and even went through a Wizard of Oz phase where I had someone paint the walls at work. And I still love sparkly red shoes!! ❤️

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  6. Love, love, love this!! I honestly woke up the other day with the Wizard of Oz going through my head! 🙂
    Keep embracing the moments sweet friend! <3!
    I may have to borrow your idea for me and my sisters when we get together!

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  7. I really liked the wonderful way you made signs to help us to know how each snack fit into the theme! The cheese, salami and olives was my favorite choice of snack to eat and look at, too. You’re an original, one of a kind friend, Jodi. 🌈

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  8. You have the best ideas for parties, Jodi! Are you sure you weren’t a party planner in a previous life? But more importantly, how would you like to come to St. Louis the next time I’m entertaining and lend me a hand? Crackers topped with cheeze-whiz don’t really cut it anymore….

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