An Iris Watercolor Experiment

watercolor iris experiment

The other evening, after hubby went to bed, I had the urge to paint.  I didn’t know what I  wanted to paint, and I didn’t feel like putting any effort into it…. I simply wanted to paint.

Watercolor Iris Card 1

So I just grabbed some scrap pieces of watercolor paper and decided to try irises – very abstract irises…  Not sure if you can even tell that is what they are (except I gave you a hint in the title of this post!).

Watercolor Iris Card 2

I literally only spent about 15 minutes on all five of these “paintings” – one rather large that I started with, followed by four smaller ones.

Watercolor Iris Card 3

I just starting mixing colors and splashing it on – spending about 3 minutes tops on each.

Watercolor Blue Thistle Card

After a few irises, I did do this other “flower” – supposed to be those blue thistly things you see growing alongside the road.  (Maybe called blue thistles?)

Watercolor Iris Large

As you can see, I was being completely “loose” with all of these.  I just ripped scraps of paper and painted.

Some I like… others not so much… But I went to bed happy, feeling like I had this opportunity to unwind and “express.”

When I awoke the next morning, I realized this could be a little gift set of sorts.  I simply adhered the small ones – all about 3.5 x 5 inches onto card stock and the larger onto a sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch black card stock, which I could frame.  The gift could be four blank floral note cards and a framed floral picture.

I’m trying to discover my “style” in this.  I’m getting comfortable with small single items, but can’t even begin to imagine taking on a landscape or cityscape or detailed painting like so many others can that I admire.  Maybe someday, but then again maybe not.

I do have to say I felt satiated after completing – or was it the Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade I was sipping while painting…. ?


Cheers & Happy Friday Hugs,


52 thoughts on “An Iris Watercolor Experiment

  1. I think these are great! What’s really cool is when I came to the thistle, I was like, “wait, I thought she said they were gonna be iris paintings?” I could tell right away it was a thistle! And you can totally tell the irises too! (I was also wondering if alcohol was involved, lol!! But I think that’s because of the looseness you got to in these. And I agree…..loose is good! Jodi, these are great! You’re finding your style, and it’s already “painterly”. It’s a style I prefer, honestly, because you’re bringing yourself to it. If it were more realistic I bet I wouldn’t like it as much. These are unique. And that’s what art’s supposed to be, I think. (I still know nothing about it, but you wanna bring something fresh to the table, yes?) I think you’ve done that here. I wouldn’t change a thing. Irises are tough, and you’ve captured them! Right? How are you feeling about them at this point?

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  2. Wish I could spend 15 minutes and produce what beauty you’ve just made. Love these. I’m working on making some note cards with photography, so you might try that with your watercolors. At my age, so many friends need a card for so many reasons. Keep at it. These are pretty.

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  3. OH you cracked me up with your last line 🙂 I say it was both 🙂 It is so awesome how when we create, we can feel so much more relaxed! That’s why I want to do it FULL TIME! That day will come for us, right? 🙂 Great job, love purple! Keep it up! Wishing you a great fun, loose week-end! Or does that sound bad??LOL!

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    • Awh! Love those kinds of memories. Amazing how one little glimpse or thought of something can make you feel. I have those moments about my Grandma – sometimes even just a smell in the air outside. Glad to give you a happy memory of your childhood 🙂

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  4. I love seeing you build your confidence through posts like this. You’re really letting us experience your journey with you and it is most exciting!

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  5. Jodi, wow. I want some of what you are sippin’ because every one of your creations is a beauty! I wish I had your talent to to watercolor, and you say you did this in 15 minutes. I am awestruck. What a beautiful gift this set will be.


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  7. Jodi, do you ever go to Artist TV Network and check out their video workshops? Charles Reid has two on painting watercolor flowers. The first one inspired my rosebuds and I’m watching the second one now. Anyway, he splatters all the time! He keeps reminding me of you! He says that every time he feels like he’s getting too rigid he splatters immediately lol! I think you would love his lessons on flowers. So I thought I’d give you a link to the lesson, in case you’re interested. It’s $19.95/mo for the subscription, but there are literally hundreds of lessons in there. And the a artists are quite well-known. Turns out this guy has written tons of books (so of course I’ve requested some through interlibrary loan already lol). Anyway he has such a loose style and he teaches so well. I think you’d really like him. Another one who is so similar, but she’s a woman, and I love her so much. She does florals, landscapes, lots of stuff but you would love her too. She is Joanne Boon Thomas and you can find lots of her stuff on youtube. She has one on poppies where she turns her board upside down and shakes it and lets the paint drip. She is totally loose and free. Anyway, I keep thinking “Jodi would LOVE this” so I just had to share. 💜💛💜

    Here’s the one I saw yesterday by Reid. At the beginning it may seem a bit dry but once he starts painting and splattering he loosens up lol.
    You may not be interested, but I couldn’t not tell you! 😘😊💃

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