The Oriole Feeder

baltimore oriole fledgling

I was so excited to buy an Oriole feeder for the hubby for Father’s Day [ahem], so we he could watch the beautiful orange birds that we have occasionally seen in our backyard.

That first day we hung it out, this beautiful young fledgling appeared.

“Score!” I thought.  And a Big Woohoo!

But, alas, we poor hubby hasn’t seen another since.

I guess they moved on to Baltimore with those silly Ravens…  (Football (Steelers!) fans – you know what I am talking about here.)


hummingbird at oriole feeder

the hummingbirds are enjoying it!

And so are we is hubby…

(ok – maybe that Father’s Day present was a little for Momma too – tee hee hee!)

But mostly – it’s all for the birds!

Cheers & Hugs,



This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Muse.”

The goal is to post a photo of a subject that keeps you coming back?  I have to admit…  I’ve become a bit of a “backyard bird nerd.”  So I thought an appropriate photo(s) to share would be one from our backyard menagerie.

25 thoughts on “The Oriole Feeder

  1. ….please help out your very northern friends by explaining why a larger bird like an Oriole would be attracted to what appears to be a hummingbird feeder — their diet is nectre? maybe only for the juveniles? They are lovely birds and these are lovely photos! thank you.


    • apparently orioles feed on bugs and fruit and nectar mainly, so they are attracted to hummingbird feeders, but an oriole feeder has a larger base to hold this bird and a wider opening for the nectar. They are colored orange because orioles are more attracted to that color. Thanks for asking Lance. It is interesting to learn the different habitats of birds – eh? 🙂

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  2. I have a lot of hummingbird feeders at the cottage and a lot of visitors. I’ve never seen them in the city but then I’ve never bothered to set up a feeder so I finally bought one for the backyard. Your post has inspired me to set it up. Thanks!


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  4. Lucky you, seeing that little oriole. They appear briefly here in the spring and sometimes hang around and build a nest, but I NEVER have had one land on anything I put out for them! My husband cracks up because he’ll see me RUNNING out of the house with binoculars in hand…I always hear them before I see them. I love to see them anywhere I can!

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    • And guess what? Saw a male today at the feeder! Just about squealed! I can so relate! 🙂 The are so striking and stand out so distinctly. I have completely become an certified official bird nerd! LOL!


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