A Watercolor Stargazer Lily

stargazer lily 4

A sweet friend told me one of her favorite flowers is the Stargazer Lily and “challenged” me to paint one.

First thing I had to do was “google” what a Stargazer Lily is!

Then I tried to paint one.

stargazer lily 3

I struggled with this flower, and ended up doing several versions thinking each time I would be happy with the result.

stargazer lily 1

But, alas, I am still not sure I am completely happy with any of these, and I’m not sure my friend will be either, but I decided to share them and see what you think.

stargazer lily 2

Do you have a favorite?  Do you like any of them?

After drawing and trying the first one (#3) with a background and then the second one (#4) in a little different style and without the background a couple of days ago, Sunday morning I drew this darn flower again and came up with my third rendition (#2).

Still not happy, I decided to just slap some water and paint on the paper without drawing it first, and I created my fourth version (#1) in about 10 minutes, and I think it’s my favorite.  But when showing my hubby and youngest son all four, they each chose a different one!  LOL!

I still don’t think I have even come close to capturing/mastering this beautiful flower, but here it is Tonya.  If you like one of them, let me know, and it will be on it’s way.

Any artists out there mastered the Stargazer Lily?  The challenge of this one for me was the lighter colored outer edges of the flower I think.  I would love to hear any tips!

Cheers & Hugs,


53 thoughts on “A Watercolor Stargazer Lily

  1. I can understand how the lighter edge makes it difficult to paint – some photos on google seem to be on a black or dark leafy background. But I like the 2nd one best… though no3 and 4 look more like the flower perhaps. They’re all lovely! 🙂


  2. I like the first one best also! I was drawing just about every blooming flower in Hub’s gardens on Sunday and he has tons of lilies everywhere. They are day lilies, I think. We don’t have any stargazer. But they all have pretty much the same shape. I’d promised myself that by the end of summer, I’d have improved my florals, and that’s why he suggested I do that. They were all quick sketches, and I can tell what most of them are. But the lilies. I can tell them only because they look like a hot mess lol! I think it’s worth trying them over and over, from a live one. Do you grow any lilies on your place? I’d say keep sketching them over and over, just real quick ones to get the essence down, and see what you get. I think the essence is what it’s about. And I really think you got the essence in the first one. You can tell they are all the same flower, but some look more fussed with, and the first doesn’t. The first is trademark Jodi loose!! I think that’s why I like it best. It’s a pure version of the essence of the the flower that is unique. I don’t think I’d try painting any of Hub’s lilies. I didn’t even like drawing them! Good for you for taking on the challenge! 💜

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    • You totally get it Laura and know what I was going through – and you nailed it on how I fussed too much on some of them. Once I feel like I got a feel for the shape, I didn’t draw and just slapped water and paint down “Jodi-style” LOL! I think I am not going to try any more lilies for a while 🙂 I do agree I want to show the “essence” of the subject – not an exact replica. Heck – we can take photos for that – right?! Art is an expression of feeling.

      Hey – by the way – are you having issues with the WP iPhone App today? I can’t get it to refresh. Didn’t know if it was me or WP. :\

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      • Not today, but almost every day, I have to delete the app and reinstall it due to that problem! I thought it was just me. I sometimes have trouble with the ipad app too.

        I’m glad you can take something from my comment and move on with it! I think you may have inspired me to draw a lily every day until I’m happy with it. Which could take all summer lol! And I may give up before I’m ever happy hehe. I think it’s the foreshortening of the petals. It’s just another element of perspective that can be perplexing. But if I get too frustrated, I’ll take a photo, print it, then trace the petals until I get their shapes figured out. Then go to my drawing with that shape in mind. That one might be something to try when you get back to lilies again. 💛

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      • Sure, and thanks for the inspiration! It might be fun to try and conquer something that it seems is unconquerable. It may be, still, but I won’t know til I try. My phone has so many photos on it that I don’t have room to upgrade the OS, and I think that might be part of my problem with the app. I’m not sure tho, especially if you’re having the issue. But hopefully it’s just a one off!

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  3. Okay…I haven’t had enough coffee to figure out the actual order you did them, but I definitely like the first one in the post the best. There is something beautiful in the simplicity. No competition for the flower to just shine. 🙂

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  4. And what a fragrant flower the Stargazer Lily is! There is something that I like about each one…they each have their own personality.
    I think your friend will be happy with any one…since it was done from your heart!
    Other flowers that I think have such beautiful “faces”…irises and orchids!
    Have an awesome day, the sun is out right now,

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    • Hi Char! I have never smelled one. Thank you for chiming in. I agree with irises and orchids too. I did do some loose irises, but have not tried orchids yet. Coming later this week – coneflowers 🙂 The sun is trying to peep in and out here too! Happy Day my friend!


  5. Jodi, I like the last one best. Don’t know the flower, however the color & structure of this one is beautiful. The others are nice too if you’re going for an abstract look. Christine


    • We sure missed being there, but that video sure made my day, week, month, year! You are so awesome! You want more stories Oh Rob?! I will work on, buddy! Love ya! xo


  6. I’m jealous of your talent, and growing skill as a painter, Jodi. It is said that practice makes perfect, and it won’t be long before your going to be the painter you want to be with all the effort your putting into it. It’s beautiful. Boy do i need to practice! :O)

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  7. I think they are all lovely. I like the background on #3 but my favorite flower is #2 because it looks like it is dancing in the wind! I was experimenting myself today drawing flowers with water color pencils. I had never used them befor. Have you? If so what do you think?


  8. I thought my favourite was the first, until I saw the last, and now I can’t decide. #1 is so joyous and alive, dancing off the page. #4 seems to feature the stamens, which are quite a prominent feature of the stargazer. When my mom moved to a personal care home, I brought her a stargazer plant in full bloom. She was a real plant and flower lover. Unfortunately she died a month later. I put the plant in my garden at home where it came up and flowered for a few years, bringing me joy each time. Thanks for the memories, Jodi; I hadn’t thought of that in years.

    Another memory has to do with a choir that I sang in. Just before one concert, our conductor was hospitalized and I took over for him. The choir gave me a corsage featuring a stargazer lily. The aroma was almost overpowering and I remember that concert each time I smell one (and the relief of the choir members when they realized that I actually could conduct and the concert would be OK).

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