Things to Keep Open


Good things to keep open…

our hearts
our minds

windows on cool summer evenings
windows on hot summer mornings

old books
new books

eyes to see the beauty around us
ears to hear the birds singing

back doors for friends
doors to bakeries, bookstores, and antique shops

our lives
to each other

Cheers & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Things to Keep Open

    • Isn’t it awesome, Jenna!? I saw it as a sign to a little antique shop on Magazine Street in the Garden District in New Orleans, and it caught my eye and inspired this post.


  1. Oh….but another poem…I thought. But i was slammed by this, “windows on hot summer mornings.” Wonderful juxtaposition from the preceding line…and tags the through line “open” succinctly.

    Well done.


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  2. Oh Jodi, you are such an inspiration.
    I will be printing this to frame for the Grands….wonderful.
    I look forward everyday for your blog….never know whether I’ll drool*, laugh/giggle, be inspired, want to drag out alllll my art schtuff , have a wonderful memory or have a tear or two escape from my eyes.
    *meaning food*
    Thank you.

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