Thursday Chuckle with Charlie

Charlie 090115

Hi Friends –

We gotta talk!

Can you believe my new Mom and Dad, who I was just getting comfy with and falling in love with after three weeks together, LEFT ME HOME while THEY went on vacation last week?!

I wasn’t sure what the heck happened to them, but thankfully my new brother was here to take care of me.  Problem is – he goes to work all day, and I was left home alone for 8 hours ALL BY MYSELF for the first time ever ever ever – here in Mars.

It was kinda scary, and I didn’t know what to do.

The first day I did find a cute little teensy weensy little wooden lamb, which is part of one of my Mom’s little Noah’s ark displays in the dining room, that was really tasty.  You guys like lamp chops – right?  It kinda tasted like that, except a little bit more splintery, so I spit most of it back out.

The second day, I was really missing my Dad, so I decided to just chew a tiny little bit on his shoe.  It smelled good and made me feel better like as if I was with him.

By the end of the week, my brother must have really missed being with me as much as I did with him, because he got to work from home.  YAY!

We had fun – well – I did anyway.  I kept bugging him to go outside and play.  The bonus of it was that he learned he could trust me outside in the yard ALL BY MYSELF while he worked.  I’m a really good boy and stay in the yard.  (You guys have seen those nasty red flags – right?!  As long as you don’t go near them – life is grand!)

Charlie 090115 2

My Mom kept calling my brother to see how I was.  She was worried about me, because, after all, I am her baby (HAHA Nick!).  I kept trying to tell him to tell her to get home, but I just couldn’t seem to communicate it to him.  I tried mostly at night…. in the middle of the night mostly…. (Isn’t that when you get the loneliest?)

Like at 1:30 am…

or 2:15 am…

or 3:45 am…

Finally, my brother would get out of bed at like maybe 5:30 am and stay up.

Those other times, he would take me out and think I had to go potty or something.  I didn’t. DUH!!  I just wanted to play!  Heck – I slept all day…  (and I did keep my Dad’s chair warm and smelling nice so it would really be perfect for him when he FINALLY got home!)

Charlie 090115 3

When Mom and Dad came home – after a LOOOOONG week (You guys know how long that is – right?  Seven – that is S-E-V-E-N  DAYS!),  I thought I was seeing things!  I looked at them…. I wanted to be excited, but I thought maybe I was just hallucinating – maybe delirious with grief.  But… when I got a little closer and sniffed and then jumped into the air onto them, I realized it REALLY was them!  They were HOME! Finally HOME!

I’m not straying too far from my Mom’s side this week.  Maybe if I watch her very carefully, she will not do that again!

Thanks for listening, friends, and sorry to whine a bit, but it was a heck of a week!

I’m doing really great now (with the exception of a little accident here and there – SHEESH – I am still kind of a baby and this is still kind of new!).  My Mom keeps telling me she loves me and what a good boy I am :). I know this, but it is nice to hear a couple thousand times a day – right?!

And she sings me my favorite song:

I love you – 
a bushel and a peck…
A bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

She sings SO Beautifully!  Even though my Dad says I’m the only one that thinks so.

Thanks to so many of you for asking my Mom if I can be a regular here!  If you keep urging, she may let me continue!  <doggy wink!>

Woofs & Hugs,

68 thoughts on “Thursday Chuckle with Charlie

  1. OH Charlie you made me smile and laugh! I am sure your brother “misses” not getting up at night with you to have adventures. Why sleep at night when there is so much to be discovered! Maybe next time you will get to go with them when they go away. I am sure they were just as glad to see you as you were to see them!!Have a great day!

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    • I’m so glad I made you smile JR! You are so right that my brother misses me now, but I give him lots of licks and snuggles when he comes home at the end of his work day now.


  2. Dear Charlie
    I’m so glad that you love your new home so much. You were lucky to have your brother stay at home with you. So many other dogs have to go to a kennel when their owners go on vacation. Your family really loves you and I can tell you love them back. Hope to hear more from you soon. Carol

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  3. Oh my Chuck. Arf arf. I can’t wait to meet you. I promise to give you kisses, talk doggie talk and scratch your back, something I have found all your four legged friends like. I especially love that last selfie you took. You are amazing. 🐕🐕 👀👀
    Your soon to be pal
    Oh Rob

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Miss Carol! Hey – did you know there is a singer my mom likes with your same name! Can you sing as good as her? If not, it is ok – because you sure draw and paint good! And I am blusing… Thank you for saying I am handsome 🙂


    • Hi Charlie! Lucky you! You have such a great name like me! You have to be a wonderful guy with that name! I wish I was a little taller like you, because then I could reach more things – especially on the kitchen counter! See how lucky you are! I’ll bet you have apposable thumbs too – huh? Well – at least I can blog… Thank you for the compliment on my writing skills. It is something new my Mom has just taught me, so I’m glad you enjoyed. Have a great day Charlie! (I just wanted to say your name again) 🙂

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  4. Who could resist your sad, beautiful eyes when you chewed up the sweet little lamb and your dad’s shoe! Sometimes life makes us ALL eat things we shouldn’t like that whole bag of potato chips… Glad YOU survived your week, Charlie! Look forward to hearing more chuckles from you next week! 💜🐶💚

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  5. Charlie you are too cute!!! I’m so glad you survived that long week. I’m sure it was as long for your Mommy as it was for you. I bet it was really nice to spend time and bond with your brother while Mom and Dad were away. It sounds as if you have settled in so nicely and you couldn’t have found a better home! Hope to hear from you again soon 🙂

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