Thursday Chuckle with Charlie

charlie autumn nap

Yippee!  Yippee!
It’s Me! It’s Me!
Your favorite guest blogger – Charlieeeee!

Mom said I could write again today, but she chose this embarrassing picture of me to share…
Of all things!!!
Of all the wonderful, adventurous, exciting things I do….
She posts THIS!!
I was just catching a few eensy weensy teeny tiny winks out in the yard in the beautiful Autumn weather and sunshine for a moment. Really!

My dad tells me she gets a kick out of doing that to him sometimes too.
He works and works and goes and goes – and then, the minute he “rests his eyes” in his recliner…
She catches the moment as if it is something funny!

Us guys do have our pride…. Right guys?! Cut us a break!

Usually I am quite busy.

There are butterflies and bees
and chipmunks and falling leaves to chase.
There are sticks to chew.
There are peppers and cucumbers and tomatoes in the garden to eat.
There are holes to dig.
And deer and turkey to watch.
There is fetch to be played.
And stuffed animals to rip the stuffing from.
When Mom cooks, there is food falling on the floor in the kitchen to clean up.
And when I’m really lucky – there are walks to take
and breakfast and dinner and the occasional treats to savor after doing a potty outside or showing that I can sit (DUH!).
There are visitors to get to know – cautiously at first – right friends?! You can never be too sure!
But when I do know you – look out! Puppy kisses and snuggles galore!
And sometimes I even get to go for car and truck rides
and even boat rides (though I am working desperately on trying not to get sick from the motion!).

So of all of this important stuff – Mom shares a picture of my [ahem] brief nap!

But sometimes…..
I just run out of steam….
(doesn’t it happen to you sometimes too?)

and all the sudden….
my eyes just can’t stay open anymore….

and before I even know it,
out comes that daggone camera – and SNAP!

Caught in the act!

Hope you are enjoying your little place in the world as much as I am mine this week!
Take some time to lay down in the soft grass and crunchy leaves and take it all in until you can’t stand it any more, and take a nap.

As my mom would say: cherish the moments!

Woofs & Wags,

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Happy Chuckling!

61 thoughts on “Thursday Chuckle with Charlie

  1. Hey Charlie!! This is Phineas! My owner is named Charlie too. How weird is that?! Anyway…I loved your post, particularly the part about chewing and it’s also a past time near and dear to my heart. Isn’t it awful how our parents take the most embarrassing pictures!! Mine also take pics of me from behind sitting and staring out at my yard. Which makes my butt look big, which it isn’t!! At any rate, great post! And I’d send you a Greenie for it, but I really don’t like to share. I’m sure you understand.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Hi Phineas! Hey Thanks for writing buddy – and thanks for reading my post! You should see if your Charlie will let you write a post! Are you an artist like your Charlie?

      Isn’t chewing just the most awesome, Phineas?! So glad to hear from a kindred spirit! And yes – these photos! Do you see my tummy in this photo? It looks huge! And I am quite svelte really! Oiy Vay!

      I wish you would send that Greenie!…. But alas, I have to admit – I am certain I wouldn’t share mine either – haha! So let’s just ask our folks to each give us 2 or 3!

      Liked by 2 people

      • That’s an excellent idea Charlie, I knew we were kindred spirits! And ugh…my dad tries to get me to hum…doodlewash? Is that the word? It sounds stupid…anyway… He’s always asking and doesn’t realize that I have other dreams of what I want to be when I grow up. I mean, I’m an artist in my own way. Just yesterday I created a pretty phenomenal pillow fort with the couch cushions and he didn’t even praise me for my artistic vision!! What’s up with that?! Geesh… parents…can’t live with them, and yet can’t live without Greenies.
        Regards, Phineas

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Charlie, you are as cute laying down sleeping in the sun as you are when you are awake! I’m sure you feel you have hit the lottery with the wonderful home and people that found you. It was really good to hear from you!! Keep your mom and dad on their toes!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Charlie, you are the greatest! And I just love your perspective on that thing your Mom does, SNAP, SNAP!!! But who wouldn’t want to take a photo of that handsome face…love your “Thursday Chuckle”!
    Have a great “doggy” day,
    Char 😉


  4. Charlie, We think you’re the luckiest doggone dog in Mars! Our Mom snaps pics too, “when we’re being cute.” That’s just what Mom’s do! Have fun in the autumn sun! Sammy & Charley (Two Shih Tzus in California).


  5. Oh Charlie! I’ve been thinking of you, wondering if your sweet mom was going to let you blog soon 😉 What a fun day you are having… Thank you for the smiles!


  6. Oh, woofs and wags to you too, Charlie! Even though you are napping, it is a very handsome picture of you. Happy Autumn, you are in the most delightful home to explore its wonders. I can’t wait to meet you, Mr. Handsome Furryman!

    Liked by 1 person

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