Are you Jingling Your Bells Yet?

jingle bells

I am!

Not only am I jingling, but I am singing too!

And sometimes I like to sing in Ubbi Dubbi….  especially Christmas songs….  like Jingle Bells.

And especially when little ones are around who laugh and laugh when I do it.

So – yes – at the breakfast table the morning after Thanksgiving – I was singing:

Jubinguble Bubells, Jubinguble Bublells,

Jubinguble uball thube wubay.

Uboh whubat fubun ubit ubis tubo rubide

ubin uba ubone huborse ubopuben slubeigh



Doesn’t Christmas bring out the child in all of us?

Chubeers & Hubugs,


35 thoughts on “Are you Jingling Your Bells Yet?

  1. Great post, Jodi! ❤️😃I’m going to jingle my bells all afternoon! (Why does that always sound a bit odd when a guy says it? 😊) We trim our tree today! Yay! 🎄Christmas does bring out my inner child, not that he’s ever really hiding, and I love it!! I’m going to sing your version of the song to Philippe! Lol 😉

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  2. Oh Jodi! I loved this!
    We used to play “the p language” when we were kids … you repeat every syllable and substitute the vowel with a p , so Jodi would become JoPoDiPi (JoPoDeePee) 😉
    Isn’t it funny and strange how we can find the same kind of child games in different languages and cultures ?
    Enjoy your Christmas decorations …I will see if I can wait until the 8th Dec 😉
    Turtle Hugs


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