The Backyard Snow Globe

bird on snowy railing 011216

For a few moments
yesterday afternoon

in my little corner of the world,

the backyard
became a great big snow globe.

And I thought to myself….

What a wonderful world!

Cheers & Hugs,

73 thoughts on “The Backyard Snow Globe

    • Did you get a white out yesterday too? It was so amazingly beautiful! Of course I was inside looking out by a warm fire. I feel bad for those on the roads at the time.


    • Thanks for making my day Jenna! Love that – insanely beautiful – as it truly was when I witnessed it in real life. So glad I was able to capture a bit of it. πŸ™‚


  1. Oh my that is one beautiful snow globe. Your camera skills are great. In my wonderful world I love to make cards, I can see this making one very beautiful card, might try today if time.

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  2. Jodi, that photo takes my breath away. It is amazing. Let me guess: tripod from your window with a very fast shutter speed. But what i can’t figure: is the bird on the ground? And if so, how did you go so low with the cameras. Ok, now I’ve talked myself out of the tripod, but you had to have a telephoto lens. Tell more!

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    • LOL! You are funny Kirk! I did use a telephoto and I had my deck sliding glass door open – Yes during the snow storm LOL! – and the bird is sitting on the deck railing. Shutter speed was medium (I can’t even recall as I am not an expert) But I am going to take some classes coming up end of the month – my first photography class at our local community college that hubby gifted me with for Christmas – so I’m excited. A 10-week course held one night a week. Maybe then I can speak more to what I’m doing! πŸ™‚

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