A Parliament of Owls in Watercolor

whimsy owl 1 original

It’s #DrawABirdDay with my WordPress artist blogging friends, which we celebrate on the 8th of every month.

whimsy owl 2 original

I had fun yesterday watercolor painting a parliament of whimsical owls.  (Did you know a “group” of owls is called a parliament?)

whimsy owl 3 original

A little search on Pinterest provided some inspiration of ideas that I combined to create these little cuties.

I think these will make fun greeting or note cards.

Hoots & Tweets and Cheers & Hugs,


60 thoughts on “A Parliament of Owls in Watercolor

  1. Good morning Jodi ( and the Parliment ) Wow !! Your talent is showing through.. What cute and colourful little Owl Creatures !!..Every morning you are ” Wowing ” me!!… Your Cards are stunning and inspiring Me to get creative : from cooking to Cards making…You are a #1 Artist!!..so good morning Hoots and tweets!!.. I am really impressed ( !!) .. I would love to learn Card making ( but can not paint like you. ( smile ) !!.. ‼️‼️ I am going back to enjoy your Owls !!..( Bursts of colour …. Joanne 😊

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    • Oh Joanne – how nice are you??!!! Thank you!! You can do it! I didn’t think I could draw or paint either a year or so ago – and I am still a LOOOOOng way from where I want to be, but if it is something you want to do, and something you enjoy doing, it just takes doing it – practicing – regularly – daily if possible. This advice was given to me – and I keep trying 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment so sweetly!

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      • … Thank you so much for your encouraging reply, Jody!!.. Just hearing that you actually learned from the start , doing a little practice a day Gave me great delight and hope!! Even still, ONLY a year or so ago?! You are a natural..!.. ( Time for me to invest in paints and supplies!!..) Thank you again.
        Ps. 😊 Your birthday cards Say it all‼️.. Greetings again from Joanne

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  2. Jodi they are too cute 🙂
    And you gave me a lot of hope (commenting that you didn’t know hot to draw or paint only one year ago 😉 ) … there is still a bit of hope for Turtle
    On another note If a parliament is a group of owls , one would think our parliaments would be composed of wise men (which doesn’t seem to be the case 😉 nowadays )
    Turtle Hugs

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  3. I love that everyone is having fun with these. Owls seem to invite cuteness. They would make great cards! And now I will be looking for an opportunity to toss “parliament of owls” into the conversation. (K)

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  4. Jodi, you are just so adorable. Your owls are YOU! What I mean is the way you express yourself is so plainly seen as YOU. I have owl coloring books and I doubt if I will color as good as you have painted here. My hand longs to be able to draw. I think it is time for me to get out my big pastel paper and just let my hand go. No constraints. 🙂 I LOVE these cards!!! ❤


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