First Day of Spring

vase of pink tulips

Today is the first day of Spring!

Spring always brings with it such energy,
such hope,
the possibility of renewal.

We are awaiting our first McHendy grandchild (my BF’s daughter is due any moment).

I am also mourning the tragic loss of a grandchild to other very good friends.

Life is so precious.
So fragile.
Cherish the moments.


45 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

  1. Tulips are such a happy flower, love having them in my house in the spring. Hugs to your friends in the loss of their loved one. May they be comforted in the love & support that surrounds them❀️

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  2. Your flowers look a little like my recent painting – I have a dark background in it and a couple of tulips! πŸ’ Life is precious – thank you for the reminder, my sweet friend! πŸ’œ So sorry to hear about the loss of a grandchild to your friends. May they be comforted during this difficult time. With tragedy comes hope! And blessings of new life with your friend’s baby! ❀️🌈🌸

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  3. Love the picture! Tulips are my favorites. But my heart aches for your friends… A friend of mine lost her sweet baby niece a month ago. The whole family is totally devastated. Life is indeed precious. Prayers of comfort and breath being offered.

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  4. I love this picture, the tulips are just dazzling! So sorry about your friend’s loss!! HUGS and Prayers to them! Excited for the new birth that is about to be πŸ™‚ I am sure there will be pics for us to see, excited! Nothing like a newborn!

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  5. Congratulations on your (almost?) Grandchild. That will be so great for you and your husband and her parents, to finally have her here in the world. To see her grow and become a child. I’m sorry for your friend. That is awful to lose a grandchild!

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  6. Gorgeous tulips, Jodi! You are right, life is so precious and fragile. So sorry to hear of your friend’s precious loss, so hard to comprehend at times. I do know “Grandma” is a wonderful role to play, I’ve been one for almost 5 years now, just had grandson #2 in January. Nothing better!! Enjoy the excitement, prayers for a safe delivery of your grandbaby!

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