29 thoughts on “Forsythia

  1. I saw the bright yellow bloom of this plant yesterday and it made me feel like shouting, hooray! 😄 Amazing what color can do to brighten ones day, huh?! Love your poem, Jodi! 💙 Happy Easter my friend! 🐰💕💐

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    • Thanks Ann! When I thought of the word, Forsythia – I kept thinking – for this and for that – LOL! Hope the sun shines soon! It was such a bright sunny Easter here – mid 70’s – blue skies and warm sunshine – we spent much of the day outside and the door is still wide open at 9:45pm now! YAY! But cold is to come back…. Enjoying and cherishing the moments 🙂

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  2. I love forsynthias. We had two big bushes in the front yard of our first house and I was so sad the when we drove by the summer after we moved and saw that the new owners had cut them down. It’s a shame they don’t bloom longer, though. Loved your poem.

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    • Bummer! People don’t appreciate real beauty 🙂 They at least make a beautiful green shrub for the rest of the season. Their bright yellow is such a welcome to Spring after lots of brown and gray! 🙂

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