Waiting and Watching – A Charlie Guest Post

Charlie Waiting and Watching

Waiting and Watching…

for Dad to come home,
or Cliff the mailman,
or Mike the UPS man,
or Jake or Colleen or Liz to come visit.

Waiting and Watching…

for Pippa and Twiggy (the doggie girls next door) to come out,
or a deer or a turkey or a squirrel or a chipmunk to scamper by,
or a bird or bee or butterfly to flutter by,
or maybe the Easter Bunny!!

Waiting and Watching…

for Mom to say it is time for a walk,
or for dinner,
or a treat,
or an ear scratch or belly rub.

Waiting and Watching…
until my eyes grow weary
and close for “just a blink,”
which is rarely more than two minutes.

It’s a dog’s life.
It’s a good life.
It’s my life.

Woofs and Wags,

51 thoughts on “Waiting and Watching – A Charlie Guest Post

  1. Charlie, if only I could see life the way you do. I’d show my wife how excited I am to see her when we arrive home—but alas… I have no tail. And I’d smile when I see Mr. Mailman… when he brings me envelopes full of money—though lately I’ve grown irritated with him for bringing me bills, instead. But, I’m always excited to see the UPS man—because he never brings me bills! Unfortunately, I don’t know Jake, Collen, or Liz—but seeing that there are lots of people with those three names, I feel there’s still a chance that that might happen. Also, I don’t know any dogs named Pippa or Twiggy, but I have seen a couple of women who had those names—what are the odds? I’ve seen Bambi, ate a turkey (I highly recommend those if you haven’t ever ate one—yum, yum), have chased squirrels from my garden (’cause they’re nuts), and I’ve heard of Chip and Dale, the birds and the bee’s, and butterflies (who are free), but I doubt we’ll ever get to see the Easter Bunny—although, I have seen his eggs, and they’re full of treats. I understand why you get excited about walks, my own dog takes me on them—though I tend to find them restful. Oh I love dinners, too—especially when we go out. But I can’t talk my wife into an ear scratch or a belly rub—is there a trick you use? And if I hold my eyes open for longer than two minutes they get real watery—I doubt you have that problem, as it seems to be more of a human condition. Charlie, I envy you. :O)

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    • oh mr paul – it seems you do!!!! we have much in common my friend! For the ear scratches, just nestle your head against your wife and look at her with big wide open eyes that plead :). For belly rubs, simply roll over on your back and put your feet up in the air the minute she touches you at any time or in any place. It’s really simple. Let me know if it works. much love to you, charlie


      • that – explains your pensive and Waiting look Charlie. I felt so sorrowful for you! but am very glad your dad is home and you are Happy again!! All is Well once more 🙂 happy Easter!


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