51 thoughts on “Perfect Day

    • Are you familiar with Japonica? It is so beautiful this year right outside our bedroom window. They are so delicate of perfect little bells up close. I love looking at life through the lens of the camera and with art! It’s a whole new world! 🙂

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      • you must be so excited with Spring Jodi, with your camera and the classes!! your photos are really really amazing! and, yes, growing up in the Pac NW, so many of the North American plantlife has been embedded into me. my grandma had Japonica in her gardens 🙂

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      • Well – spring is coming and going here – LOL – and I must admit to you that I am a photography class drop out. The time of day and day of week just wasn’t working for my schedule and it wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. I only went to 2-3 classes. You see – the classes were on Thursday evenings – the only night offered – and that is Hubby and my “date night” at our local “John’s Bar” with friends. I hated missing it since the class wasn’t quite what I expected…. well – suffice it to say I am a photography class drop out…

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      • that is sweet of you – I feel a bit guilty that I’d rather go to the bar with hubby than class, but then – that is the beauty of being 53 and doing what I darn well want to do ! 🙂

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  1. Okay…those three lines and I can already see a whole Dr. Seuss book. Wouldn’t it be a great one – “A Perfect Day For A Perfect Day”!
    And btw…made the bacon ranch chicken…SO yummy…was a hit with the crew! Told them I got the recipe from my friend from Mars. 😉

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  2. Happy Saturday to you too, not so perfect here, snow outside, very cold, below zero, all the flowers are sad. But I’ll try to make it perfect indoors, drink a hot coffee, and some writing. 🙂

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  3. Happy SATURDAY JODI and friends. The Sun is shining through my Windows, but it is quite brisk Outside. Your Lovely JAPONICA Flowers warm up the day, for me. HUGS and Cheers, SATURDAY. PS. ( smiles ) 😊 .. Too!!..

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  4. Gorgeous spring-y flowers! ❤ And your poem reminds me of the old song that went "It's a lovely, lovely day, so whatever you've got to do, you've got a lovely day to do it in, that's true!" 🙂 I think Vera Allen and Donald O'Connor sang it together? Not sure though.

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