The Other Side

dogwood blossoms looking up

Dogwood Tree Blossom, The Other Side, Mars, PA

As you stretch and reach
and open yourself

to the sunshine
after the rain

I admire your beauty
from underneath

And wonder if its really much different
on the other side?


Cheers & Hugs,



Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge:  Earth

57 thoughts on “The Other Side

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  2. What a stunning photo of the Dogwood Tree Blossom. It literally looks like it is glowing, ready to jump right out at you and share its love with you 😀 Great poem to go with the shot too. No matter which side we are on, there is always beauty all round – all we have to do is slow down, smell the roses and appreciate what there is 🙂

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  3. I love this flower, I love the little sentimental post too. I’m still around and due a big post soon but these are the little things I need to hear these days. It’s a beautiful little quote.

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