Charlie and the Chipmunk

charlie and the chipmunk

It all started out as fun and games….   really!

We were just playing hide and seek – the little chipmunk and me.

I think I might have caught him one too many times though…

So I carried  him around the yard all afternoon so we could rest in the shade of the cool grass until he felt well enough to play again.

I was really worried about him, so I snuck him in the house through my doggie door  (where I had a feeling Mom and Dad didn’t want him) and took him into their bed with me for a more comfy rest under the ceiling fan and on the soft comforter.

But then they caught us….

First my brother Nick, who called Mom in, who called Dad  in.

Then everything became a blur!

Mom distracted me with my toy donut while Dad picked up my friend, and the next thing I knew “Chippy” was gone.

Sorry, Buddy.  It sure was fun while it lasted.

And I don’t know why Mom felt the need to take the comforter off the bed and throw it in the wash.  It was so soft and comfy and smelled like my friend….

Springtime in Mars…. It’s a dog’s life… It’s a great life…  It’s my life.

Woofs & Wags,

PS  Please don’t be mad at me.  It really started out as fun and games…

77 thoughts on “Charlie and the Chipmunk

  1. Aww sorry Charlie, as the title of my post today says, One thing leads to another 🙂 I know you meant well and like PJ said he probably just had a heart attack from all the excitement. Yes, humans like to do a lot of washing of things don’t they. Have a fun tail wagging day 🙂

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  2. Charlie darling, I’m very sad! both for your loss of a playmate and for poor Chippy. I do hope he was not related to Alvin. I hear through the grapevine, Alvin has a bit of a temper. I hope that Chippy had a lovely wake, and your brother and mom and dad had some nice things to say. Do try to find a pal who is just a wee bit bigger though, next time sweetie. The relationship will last a little longer. RIP Chippy

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  3. Oh bless, sorry for the loss of a great playmate, just the other night my cats brought in three friends, I had to take out two, (one was looking up at me from being the wellies) it really was not the right time of the night to be playing games, sadly one friend passed, from all the fun, 2 out of three was pretty good.

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  4. Sweet Charlie!!! I’m so sorry you lost your new friend. Your story reminds me of another… ask your mom to tell you about Lenny, from Of Mice and Men. Lenny also loved soft furry critters but was too big and too strong to play with them. 🐾💓🐾

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  5. I just love your stories!
    I have one for you. I let my dog Oreo out for the last time before bed one night. He came back in and went directly into his crate with his stuffed toy. I was tired and didn’t look closely. Next morning when I got up, I saw that his “toy” had blood dripping from its mouth. It was a full grown dead squirrel! I screamed for my husband who disposed of the “toy” and then completely scrubbed down the crate. Got to love our furry friends. LOL


    • Thank you Aunt Loo! We were having so much fun – I just don’t understand what happened… After I brought him into Mom and Dad’s bed, it was all a blur after that! ❤ charlie

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  6. Oh dear Charlie! You will miss Chippy. It was considerate of you to try and cool him off and comfort him. I do think it a good idea to make sure your next new friend has your stamina and is more your size! 🙂

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  7. Oh Charlie! So sorry you lost your little friend – You should come to my house – we have so many of your kind of playmates – and would love for you to take them back to your house to play!! Maybe then they wouldn’t eat all of our flowers 🙂


  8. Poor little Chippy… Your story reminds me a bit of Chippy’s cousin, the squirrel, Nutty who I found dead in the flowerbed by his playmate, Jack our cat! Kind of a shock to see them so stiff, huh Charlie? 😳

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  9. Aww Charlie, I know you were having a lot of fun with Mr. Chippy. May he RIP. You are much faster than my dog Hannah Banana, she can’t catch a Mr. Chippy or Mr. Squirrel to save her life. But then again, she is almost 14 years old. I’m sure you’ll find many more friends to play with in the neighborhood. xoxo

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    • I am pretty speeder fast – eh Ms KR! I take pride in that! And if you don’t mind me bragging. This is the second Mr. Chippy I caught this week….. I am trying to be more gentle with them….. ❤ charlie

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  10. Ah, Charlie! A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do. But maybe next time take it easy when you see another Chippy.


  11. I’m sorry Charlie. Sometimes we have to be gentle with little guys like your friend because he is so much smaller than you. Nikki caught mice a few times and a bird once. The mice went the way of your chipmunk friend and I made her let go of the bird who was fine. I’m impressed you actually caught a chipmunk, those guys are fast and can be hard to catch.

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