Blue Ball: A Charlie Guest Post

Charlie blue ball

Woohoo!  It’s Ball Season!

Some of you love baseball.
My family cheers for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We love football too – if it is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Right now – our Pittsburgh Penguins are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs,
and though they use a puck instead of a ball, it is still very exciting.

There is also basketball, softball, tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, wiffle ball, ping pong, bowling, pool, and probably a million other ball games,

but my favorite ball game
(if you don’t count eating meatballs) 

is Blue Ball!

My mom brought out the bucket of blue balls the other day, and boy oh boy did we have fun!

It’s a simple game, but such a BLAST!

Here is how you play it.

Step 1:  Mom throws the ball in the grass.

Step 2:  I run and get it, and then I run back.

Step 3:  Now here is the FUN part….

Sometimes I bring the blue ball back to Mom,
but other times…..  I ZOOOOOOOM right by her and trick her!

Sometimes I bring it to her and drop it….  but (get ready for this!) right when she goes to pick it up,
I grab it first!

And then – (are you ready for this one?)
other times I bring it back – but don’t let go of it, and I make her beg for it.
Sometimes Mom pretends to cry – – –  like I can’t see a fake a mile away!

Other times I let her yank at it for a while and I ferociously (fake of course – but she doesn’t know!) GROWL!

Blue Ball is most fun when you play it by varying up the way you play Step 3 every time.

Isn’t that a great game?!

Hope you have some fun playing whatever kind of ball you like this weekend!

Woofs & Wags,

Charlie is an adopted dog with brown eyes and a white-tipped tail who brings joy and laughter to his family and friends.  Charlie is a gifted writer, raving food critic, cat, chipmunk, and donut lover, and exceptionally photogenic model.  Some of his best friends are Mike the UPS Man, Cliff the Mailman, and ANYONE who delivers pizza to the house.   If you would like to read more guest posts by Charlie, simply type “Charlie” into the Search box at the top right hand corner of this link:   If you would enjoy a companion like Charlie, please consider pet adoption.



57 thoughts on “Blue Ball: A Charlie Guest Post

  1. Charlie, you are a lovable big tease! I would love to throw a blue ball for you and watch you tease me! Have lots of fun this summer playing with your family and blue balls! Hugs and a scratch behind the ear!

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  2. the grass is green, the sun is warm on your back, you have a ball in your mouth! what more… could you need!?
    enjoy your wonderful, blissful summer day Charlie 🙂
    ps tell you mom she took another super, amazing photo. wow look at that grass!!!!

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    • It is a wonderful, blissful dog’s life Ms Debi! You know what you are talking about!!! ❤ charlie ps it is easy to take a nice photo of me since I am so handsome – right?! I think I look quite athletic in this pose 🙂

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      • Charlie, you look quite the dashing young lad!
        quite a catch too. lol if there was a reincarnation I’d come back as your sister to live in Your House…. you sure get the treatment buddy!! your own portrait photographer, too 🙂

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      • oh you flatter us so ms debi! We wouldn’t mind living at your house either! You are quite the photographer too and such an amazing artist. you could teach my mom and me so many things! Even more than we learn from your awesome blog. Hey – we have one of your paintings hanging on our wall! And my mom has a matching iPhone cover! You are quite the star around these parts! ❤ charlie

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  3. OH Charlie you always make me smile and feel lightheartedness , your carefree spirit always comes through your posts 🙂 Have a wonderful day playing Blue Ball and keeping your Mom guessing what you are going to do!

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    • because it is fun ms jenna! for us dogs – it’s all about FUN! Humans can take a lesson from us – that’s my goal in trying to teach my friends here! Have a FUN day Ms Jenna! ❤ charlie


    • Well – you are one lovey lady, Ms nancy – thank you! PS I really don’t care that much about the penguins either – but ya know – gotta go with the flow around here! ❤ charlie


  4. Hi Charlie, this is Roxy! My daddy is allowing me to respond to your post. The Blue Ball game sounds very fun and I think it is funny how you trick your mom. You are very handsome and athletic! My daddy will play with me at times too – but not Blue Ball, and during the summer months I get to swim in the swimming pool. Have a fun day! 🙂

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    • HI ROXY!!!! How exciting to hear from you!!! My mom showed me your picture, and you are ADORABLE! We could have SO much fun playing together! How fun that you get to swim. We do not have a pool. I have never tried. Maybe some day. Thanks for checking in Ms Roxy! love your friend, charlie

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  5. Hahahahaha Charlie, you make me laugh. You are so fun Charlie, no wonder your mommy loves playing blue ball with you. You are so lucky it is nice and warm there now, so playing outside is going to be the best. Have the best weekend ever. Hugs Charlie, woof 🙂 x

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    • I’m so glad to make you laugh Ms Lynne! Playing outside is SOOOOO MUCH FUN! I’m hoping Mom and I can do it more today! Hope she reads this! Happy Weekend to you too Ms. Lynne! ❤ charlie

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  6. Happy for your Pittsburg penguins 🙂 I love hockey and your captain is an awesome Canadian hockey player. Love Sid the kid, not to mention I’m sure 60 % of your hockey team at least, are all Canadians. Blue ball sounds like a fun game. I am happy you let Mom have the ball sometimes. It’s a fun game I agree with you Charlie. Have a fun weekend. Pets to you and hugs to your Mom.

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    • You know all about our hockey team ms mandi. They are playing the third game tonight. Hope you will cheer with us for them ! I might watch or I might play blue ball. Or… I might take a nap. Mom will let me know what I miss. We send hugs back. ❤️🐶

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  7. You are such a smart dog, Charlie! Good to keep your mom guessing!! 😉 You wouldn’t want her to get bored with your game, huh? 🎾🐶🌟 Our Cat, Jack has a fun game too. It is called, Nocturnal Nuisance. He sleeps all day but when we are trying to sleep, he meows or bats the blinds to go in and out of the house…mom gets a bit tired of this game by mid-week!! Lol! 🐱😳

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  8. Hi Charlie, Hannah Banana here. Kathryn (you call her KR) is my 2-legged mom. I used to play that game of ball ALL the time! That is, until Penny came into my life. Now when mom or dad throws the ball, Penny is faster than me and she ALWAYS gets to the ball first. She needs to learn how to take turns, huh? But sometimes mom tricks Penny and pretends to throw it, and Penny goes racing after it and then mom tosses the ball right to me! I have a pretty smart mom if I don’t say so myself. And you have a very talented mother too!

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    • Hi HB! I think I’ll call you that since I call your Mom KR! Darn that Penny being faster…. So glad Ms KR tricks her and lets you get some. See how nice humans can be? You sound very lucky like me HB! Hope you get to catch one today! ❤ charlie

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  9. Hi Charlie, I know that game, my dog Lotte used to play it with me. But she rather calls it “sticks”. It´s more fun to her than to me, but I do her the favour because she´s my best buddy. You have a wonderful Sunday, Charlie! 🌞

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  10. Charlie, I love to play catch with toys! I’ve got a mouse, a dinosaur, a couple of tigers, and a bear!! Yep, I’m sneaky too with how I play! It’s fun to outsmart Mom & Dad! Ya know, I’d really like to play with you, but I live on the other side of the US. Sammy sometimes plays with me, but not enough! He’s too serious! Have fun with your blue ball! 🐶 Charley

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