Celebrating Summer Solstice

Mixed Media watercolor and acrylic magenta and gold

Mixed Media watercolor and acrylic magenta and gold – “Summer Solstice” – 9×12 300lb Arches Cold Press

I was splashing around with my paints this past weekend and decided to try mixing it up a bit by starting with watercolor and throwing on some acrylic to create some mixed media.

I really had no idea where I was going with this when I started… Β it simply evolved.

And then I realized maybe Mother Nature was speaking to me preparing me for the beginning of Summer Solstice which arrived in the Northern Hemisphere yesterday, June 20, 2016 at 6:34 pm EDT.

I think it started as a flower and ended up looking a bit like the sun – so I decided it is my Mixed Media Summer Solstice!

With summer beginning here, that means our friends in the Southern Hemisphere have just begun Winter Solstice, so may this piece be a reminder of warmth and flowers and sunshine to those entering or ending the season.

Cheers & Hugs,

71 thoughts on “Celebrating Summer Solstice

  1. hot, fire, summer blistering heat! it does make one think of the summer solstice all hot and fiery; the magenta and gold were great add ons too. this is so lively and freeeee Jodi! It looks like you had so much fun πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Deb – lively and free and fun – that pretty much describes it – LOL! Didn’t know where I was going with this – just felt like splashing paint – I really need to get more disciplined – or do I not?! You know – such a tricky thing art is – sometimes it turns out – sometimes not – sometimes planned – sometimes not – but when you plan and it looks like you didn’t – I think that is the ultimate triumph and I have not achieved that discipline yet. Oh how I want to create GREAT art some day! Thanks for visiting!

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  2. It is beautiful, Jodi. It radiates warmth nature. It would have been just a beautiful flower but for the snake lines which symbolize radiation. And why is that so? Would people to the time of Leonardo also have associated this line with radiation? Or is it in our heads since people know electricity and oscilloscopes? Thanks πŸ™‚ .

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    • Such wonderful thoughts AnandRahasya! I love how much you really looked into it. That is true – it seemed very much a flower until I added the gold squiggles. Thank you for your things to think about today.

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    • Really?! I almost didn’t share it. But then it seems so perfect for first day of summer. Sometimes I have to look at a piece a day or two later to appreciate it. πŸ™‚ Happy Summer! Stay cool!


      • They are native to Asia, related to the Pheasant family, a gentle non aggressive bird. The Males are the beautiful colored (Fanned Tails or called Train) during mating season they fan their tails to attract the females. Their life span is about 15 years. They roam and are habitants of our Natural Springs and almost all State Parks in Florida. They are omnivores and eat primarily flowers, plants and small reptiles. They represent vision, royalty, awareness, kindness, beauty, spirituality, renewal. Outside US they can be found in parts of India, Burma, Asia. After mating the males (pretty colored ones) shed their tails, they are cleaned up and place 4 sale and on a retail basis sell for $3-$5 a piece. In a Christian home they just represent beauty, peace, resurrection and a calmness. Hope that answers some of your questions. They are a beloved bird in Florida, as are our Flamingoes, Herons, Pelicans, Manatees (A protected species) our sea turtles (also a protected species) among others. Cheryl xx


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