Brown Eyed (or Black or Purple Eyed!) Susan

Brown Eyed Susan Watercolor 5x7

Brown Eyed Susan Impressionistic Watercolor 5 x 7

Work and life have been very busy and exciting around here.

And even though it is all good, sometimes the busyness can be stressful.

When I need or want to unwind, I have truly found peace and joy in watercolor painting.

A year ago, I would have told you I enjoyed it, but I sometimes found it stressful as I wanted to be so good and realized what a truly challenging medium watercolor is.

About a year and a half into this new artistic love and hobby, I can truly say I now enjoy it for what it brings to me…  The way it relaxes me watching the water and paint flow and mix and mingle…  The joy in creating something completely unique and original…

And I no longer stress over perfection (well – most of the time!).  I am an artist (finally calling myself that!) who finds more joy in painting than sketching, so drawing before painting is tedious to me.  I can’t wait to get to the paint, so I would so much rather just skip the sketching stage.  Don’t get me wrong, though…  I GREATLY admire those that can sketch and draw creating almost exact likenesses to objects!  I marvel and appreciate it so much!

I now realize I want to create things for my own joy…  my own impression…. my own interpretation… and if someone else likes it – good.  If not, that is okay too.   I  have developed my own little style, and though I will never be Vincent Van Gogh, I enjoy my painting.

So here’s one of my latest – a simple study of a single brown-eyed susan – Jodi’d up with a purple center, loose strokes and a few splatters!

Here was the photo I took of the flower from our front yard garden.  As you can see,  I didn’t try to replicate it exactly as is, but used it as a reference to create my impression or interpretation from.

brown eyed susan flower

I rather like this one, and I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like framed.

brown eyed susan watercolor 5x7 matted and framed to 8x10

I think I’ll add this one to our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop.  I love it as a print and think it will make lovely greeting/note cards too.  It still amazes me that people have bought my original artwork, prints and cards.  Every time the “ding” of the cash register alerts me that someone has bought something from our Etsy shop, I get so excited to see what they liked.  Whether it was a beautiful rustic sign or piece of home decor made by my daughter-in-law and partner in artistic fun, Colleen, or a piece of artwork or set of cards that I created, it is such an honor, and I feel such joy.

brown eyed susan watercolor card set

Tomorrow I am going to be sharing what I think might be my very favorite painting I have done to date.  I am excited to share it.  You may or may not like it, but that’s okay.  Thanks for traveling along this journey with me…. cherishing the moments… at life in between.

Cheers & Hugs,


54 thoughts on “Brown Eyed (or Black or Purple Eyed!) Susan

  1. You definitely have your own unique style and creating for the fun of it and for the therapeutic benefits and for YOU is the ultimate. Because at that point, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Blogging has taught me that. People may click like a bunch of times, but if I don’t like it, doesn’t matter. Same goes for stuff I really like, often won’t get that many likes, doesn’t matter. I think art teaches us that we have to love ourselves for ourselves before anyone else will love us or what we do. We have to have the joy first before it can be shared. That’s how I see it, anyhow. This is gorgeous, I just love the purple and yellow, wonderful interpretation and the photo is pretty terrific too! Well done, my friend, and I am so glad you paint on! And that you’re really loving the process. ❤

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  2. Oh I loved this post! Love your painting but even more love your attitude about painting! Yes, you are a true artist and glad you call yourself that now 🙂 Isn’t it great how our passion can make us feel so relaxed when doing it! And that we each have our own unique style. Keep painting the way you paint, it brings me joy! Can’t wait to see your favorite tomorrow 🙂 Cheers and hugs back my friend! ❤

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  3. Just gorgeous, Jodi! When I look at this beautiful blossom, I can feel your joy! You truly are a wonderful artist. This week I’m reading Big Magic. The audio book, read by the author Elizabeth Gilbert, is all about being brave enough to live a creative life. I think you would enjoy this book. You, dear Jodi, are living proof of the magic! ♡

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  4. I dont so much like the petals, but the blue inner part you achieved perfectly, as one can enjoy when blowing up the Picture.
    Your style includes the colour splashes, and sometimes I wonder what they could mean. Haha. Great.

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  5. You have discovered the secret to a good life! Especially when you can say “you may like it or not and that’s okay!” And your gratitude for those of us who are traveling this splendid journey with you…….My dear Jodi you are so wise before your years…… And an inspiration to me ❤️

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  6. Your love for the medium shines with every word, Jodi. I don’t know you that much yet but I can already say that you truly having fun, letting loose and following what your heart says. It was a blessing to know you and more as we sail the boat of this beautiful friendship. ❤

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  7. “I am an artist” Isn’t that a truly empowering thing to say? I’m very happy for you, Jodi! It is very hard to move past self-doubts and the urge to compare our budding skills with those more established…but really, we’re all on the same continuum, we each just have our own place. (In my case, I’m moving toward my own bold statement: I am a writer.) I love Black-Eyed Susans and the touch of purple is divine!

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  8. Oh, Jodi, I’m so glad that you are claiming the fact that you are an artitist! And that you are allowing yourself to create art simply for the creative joy of it, rather than trying to meet anyone else’s standards. I think that expressing creativity is one live’s greatest gifts. Enjoy!!!!!

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