Seeing the Weeping in the Willow Tree


Weeping Willow Tree, Conneaut Lake, October 2016

When the physical things of this world
blur and fade through the lens of our eyes,

A different kind of vision
grows stronger and clearer…

The ability to see the weeping
in the leaves of the willow tree,

The arms that extend and embrace
in its branches,

The foundation that centers and steadies
in its strong, solid trunk.

The weeping willow
is crystal clear

in our heart
and soul
and mind.

Cheers & Hugs,

40 thoughts on “Seeing the Weeping in the Willow Tree

  1. such magic in the photo and verse Jodi!! the willow, is one of my favorite trees too… draping so elegant and prettily in greens.
    and, one of the hardiest trees I know of!! so – is your willow still in leaf? its looking very beautiful 🙂

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    • Thanks Jill. Funny I don’t feel old but my eyes are starting to warm me. Lol. Sheesh. It the heart and souls still see things so beautifully and with greater wisdom. I wouldn’t go back in time. Enjoying the journey. 😉

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  2. photo and poem both beautiful, both lovingly captured in just the exact words. ❤ ( my sister in law is in the hospital since yesterday evening…this labor thing is taking too much time. we are all excited to meet our Sophie Margaux….anytime soon….anytime soon!)


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