A Bright Poinsettia

Bright Poinsettia 11×14 Original Watercolor

A Bright Poinsettia.

I so enjoyed painting this bright and happy poinsettia recently.
(And it’s nice to think bright and happy thoughts with all the dark and sad news of the past few days.)

Using my dagger brush (which I need to use more often),  it was fun to just let this painting evolve and happen on the paper.  The dagger brush is “floppy” and loose, yet also allows for wonderful control changing wide strokes to points.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  It actually makes me smile to look at.

I’m also thrilled that my new printer is able to produce gorgeous 11×14 prints that look so much like the original, so this option will be added to my paintings in our McKinneyX2Designs Etsy shop.  I also added this design to the Society6 shop, so it can be made into pillows and mugs and other fun stuff.

Wishing you a bright and happy day!

Cheers & Hugs,

PS  Only 55 days until Christmas  😉   and only 2 1/2 weeks until the big Mars Craft Show  (Saturday, 11/17/18) AND Christmas in the Woods at Berry Vine Gifts (11/16-18/18)

60 thoughts on “A Bright Poinsettia

  1. Oh so pretty Jodi! I visited your S6 shop, you’ve been busy!! Looks great! Question, I use PicMonkey to edit my photos but it won’t let me size them big enough to be compatible with some of the items on Society 6, like bedspread, shower curtains, coffee tables etc., how do you size your photos to work?

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    • I am having the same problem Jenna!!! I would love to create a bedspread or shower curtain and my google photo editor doesn’t all either. Argh! If you figure it out I hope you will let me know.


  2. Oh YEAH, Beautiful & Vibrant, love the mix that happened in the leaves. Beautiful color clean clear & loose. You know I want to know the colors, but I not going to ask. This will be pretty in a mug, or spoon rest, coasters. Stunning. Jodie!

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  3. Jodi…You might want to check out the “Mind of watercolor”. This guy is so
    great. He makes it fun! Keep up the good work. We love hearing from you.
    Take care…Dick and Lois

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  4. Benjamin wanted to come and wish a “Happy Halloween to My Jodi and say Trick or Treat”! He was quite surprised to see the poinsettia and asked : “Gem is this a trick? Where is the pumpkin or a ghost?” I told him that you are getting ready for Christmas. He was not having it : “But it’s Halloween today, it’s not Christmas for a long long time.” I tried to explain that you are starting to do things for Christmas because you are so busy. “Gem remember, My Jodi was busy last year and painted a pumpkin!” Well, a trip to the October 2017 archives was warranted and on October 31st we found…”See, a Halloween pumpkin!” Benjamin likes to have the last word, especially when he is right! He does admit that the poinsettia is “pretty”! I think it is lovely! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Oh Sweet Benjamin! I thought about this – I must admit – when I posted it a day before Halloween! Timing was not the best huh?! But I loved this painting so much, I couldn’t wait to share! I’m sorry to rush things! You are right! It IS Halloween…. and I had the most wonderful evening trick or treating with my granddaughers! Sweet Benjamin …. I hope you will grow up knowing the joy you bring to Gem and to me and to so many through your beautiful, kind spirit! I’m glad you called me out and remembered I posted something much more holiday appropriate last year! When we are your age – Christmas seems a long time away – but just wait and see some day when you are old like me and are a Grandpa – Christmas comes in a blink. Sending you and gem happy halloween wishes and lots of love!!!


  5. Thank you….sincerely….for continuing to share joy and hope during these rather dark times. It’s always a good thing to encourage others, but sometimes it’s also necessary. Your blog is a bright, shining light that is very much appreciated!

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