Above the Clouds


One day last week
I got to fly
in a small plane
that took me
8,000 feet in the air
above the clouds.

Though it is beautiful
to see the world below,
it is magical to float in
the cottony wonderland
and imagine the mystery
in the masterpiece above.

Cheers & Hugs,


46 thoughts on “Above the Clouds

  1. Years ago, I had the chance to fly in the company plane (owned by the company my husband works for). It only seated six people, so it was very small! I was terrified just thinking about the experience, but once I got up in the air, it was a wonderful experience. It’s very different than flying in a large commercial plane. I’m so glad you got the chance to do it too!

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  2. Such a breezy post! How cool was this?! Maybe you can take a look at my new blog I started recently and I’d be happy to exchange likes on posts we actually like of eachothers and a follow


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