Autumn’s Golden Glow

Autumn's Golden Glow - 9x12 Watercolor Painting

Autumn’s Golden Glow in New Gambouge and Cadmium Yellow – 9×12 Watercolor Painting

Along our usual lunch time walk, Charlie and I pass a house we refer to as the one ‘where the kids live. ‘

There are not many little ones that live on the street we walk on (much to the dismay of the sweet kiddos that recently moved into this home).

But when we do pass this home, if we are lucky and the kids are home and out playing, they come running to visit us.  What a joy that is for both Charlie and me.

When the family first moved in and Charlie was newly adopted, he would cower when they came running.  These day, he looks for them with anticipation when we pass.  What a difference a year makes.

This watercolor painting is my very loose interpretation of the beautiful trees that line the street in front of “the house with the kids.”  It was such a beautiful sight this past week that I had to take a picture with my phone as I knew I wanted to paint it.

Soon all the leaves will be gone, but this day they glowed golden in the Autumn sun.

Wishing you a day that is bright and golden and glowing.

Cheers & Hugs,


50 thoughts on “Autumn’s Golden Glow

  1. I love how you’ve painted this, Jodi, with the light coming through the leaves – I saw a similar sight on my walk the other day.I really want to get painting again… I need to give myself the time.
    A lot can be done in a year, all things considered…

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  2. Beautiful color and shining simplicity and of course many splashes of “Jodi Joy” 🙂 Charlie was a rescue dog, right? I have seen my daughter’s rescue dog blossom and so I can totally relate to the joy of watching that happen over time. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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  3. Beautiful picture. It’s so wonderful to know Charlie found his forever home. That even though perhaps past abuse? He has been able to trust people again including noisy children. That he looks forward to them. It’s so great you gave him a second chance! Wonderful painting I love it 😉 😁🐕

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  4. That’s a beautiful painting, Jodi! I don’t know the names of the techniques so I can’t say this correctly, but I like the way the leaves are a transparent, single shape and we can still see the trunks and stems. It’s not like a photograph, but I can still tell exactly how colorful the trees are and sort of see the sun shining through! (And now you know for sure I’m not an artist.)
    Just as important, thanks for transforming Charlie from an insecure shelter dog to the happy, confident and sweet boy he is now. Loving homes are what bring out a dog’s true personality, but not all dogs get that chance.

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    • Thank you so much Ann! I so so so appreciate you taking the time to explain what you like. I believe it is called impressionistic – but I have not studied art either – so only know what I like, but you totally got what I was trying to convey! YAY! You made my day. And our Mr. Charlie! It is so very wonderful to see him look for all his friends along our walk. He knows so many people and dogs and cats. It is such a joy for him and I to see the friends we have made along the way. 🙂

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