The Day After the Day After


The Day After the Day After

I had planned on being productive
(well maybe that’s a lie)
the day after the day after Christmas,
but the cough persisted and my nose wouldn’t dry.

So after a cold, but sunny stroll with Charlie
(a long time in coming)
and a steamy, dreamy longer-than-normal shower,
I still didn’t feel very becoming.

A makeshift bowl of chicken soup I made
from leftover noodles and carrot sticks chopped,
a tall ginger ale with a straw,
then I plopped.

A few more episodes
of Gilmore Girls sounded just right
for the day after the day after…
a peaceful delight.

Cheers & Hugs,

23 thoughts on “The Day After the Day After

  1. I think your idea of watching Gilmore girls with a blanket around you sounds like the perfect prescription to get well!
    I just bought a Gilmore Girls DVD for my oldest for Christmas. We are anxious to watch it. Always heard so much about the show but we never had seen it. I couldn’t find Season 1, so I got Season 2 πŸ™‚
    Get well soon my friend!

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