The Day After the Day After


The Day After the Day After

I had planned on being productive
(well maybe that’s a lie)
the day after the day after Christmas,
but the cough persisted and my nose wouldn’t dry.

So after a cold, but sunny stroll with Charlie
(a long time in coming)
and a steamy, dreamy longer-than-normal shower,
I still didn’t feel very becoming.

A makeshift bowl of chicken soup I made
from leftover noodles and carrot sticks chopped,
a tall ginger ale with a straw,
then I plopped.

A few more episodes
of Gilmore Girls sounded just right
for the day after the day after…
a peaceful delight.

Cheers & Hugs,

Just Be


Snowy Pine Tree Way, Mars, PA – December, 2016

Just be…

whatever it is
you were meant to be.

Just be.

During this time of year, so many of us push ourselves beyond what any human is capable of doing.
Others suffer with stinging depression because their life is not like the “Hallmark” Christmas card or movie.
Remember to just be…
It’s okay…
It is actually more than okay!
It is what you are meant to be.
Let it go – let it be – and just be.

Cheers & Hugs,