When life gets foggy,
and my thoughts are foggy,
and my eyes are foggy early in the morning,

I step outside
and look to nature
and listen to how she handles it.

And I hear the owls hoot
and the turkeys gobble
and the birds tweet,

and everything
seems much more

Cheers & Hugs,

35 thoughts on “Foggy

  1. Thank you for this refreshing post! Life has become so cluttered that it is difficult to find clarity in all of the noise. I actually took some time to enjoy the quiet and stillness of nature today. It helped calm me down and center my thoughts. I wrote a passage more in becoming centered and focused here:

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    • thanks Jill – it is the beautiful sight I get to wake up to every day 🙂 It was a wonderful day – except for our Steelers lost 😦 At least we made it to the championship game. Just one shy. 🙂

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