Its Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!

Its Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!

who tried to slip
Mother Nature
some Chiffon margarine
in place of butter?

Woke up early this morning
knowing it was coming…
the weather people
kept telling us.

But to see daffodils blooming
and tree buds bursting
in a haze of green
against a blue sky
and warm, sunny breeze
just yesterday…

and wake up to this –
albeit splendid beauty-
this morning…

Someone had to have tried to
fool Mother Nature!


Cheers & Hugs,

49 thoughts on “Its Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature!

  1. Always loved that ad campaign. As for the weather, since our 18″ of snow on May 15th a few years ago, nothing surprises us. I have this great photo of my brother-in-law riding a snowmobile out to check his corn. The corn was buried deep in the snow…but the crop survived.

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  2. Thanks for the laugh Jodi! 😂 We got your sunshine today! ☀️ That old commercial is hilarious… You should have seen my cat’s eyes when the elephant made its sound! 😲 Mother Nature is sure crazy, I agree!!❄️🌷

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  3. Well we FINALLY got your spring-like temps today! Almost 60 degrees and bright blue skies today. But we had snow last week, so I’m reveling in our very first warm weather of the season. 🙂 But is sure is pretty, even though we don’t want it right now, right?

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