Brilliant Bird Banter

Purple Finch - Mars, PA June 2017

Purple Finch – Mars, PA June 2017

Brilliant Bird Banter.

Rise early.
Sing a joyful tune.
Share with your friends.
Spread your wings and soar.
Spend time in the woods.
Make a cozy nest.

(This is just one of the many beautiful purple finches  that visit our backyard.  He’s enjoying a sunflower seed from a feeder that hangs on our deck.  We so enjoy sharing our woods and yard with our bird friends, and we can learn a lot from them too!)

Cheers & Chirps,

39 thoughts on “Brilliant Bird Banter

  1. Great advice from beautiful birds!
    When you went to Niagara Falls did you visit the Butterfly and Bird Building. I can’t think of the name right now, but it is 3 floors of free flying butterflies and birds. We all loved it! Knowing how much you love birds, I am sure you would enjoy it!

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  2. I love watching the purple finches that visit my feeder! That is a gorgeous shot of yours. I get quite the color variety of them, from bright red, to orange, rust, yellow, and even white (leucistic)! I’ve read the color variation is due to their diet. Apparently the less beta carotene they get in their diet the less red their plumage is. The leuicistic finches are genetic, though. Yours kindly, a fellow bird watcher. 😀 ❤

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  3. Cheers and Chirps! Love that!! 😄👍 And wise words from a feathery friend! 🐦💕 I do hope you paint him or is it a her? We don’t get purple finches here – or none I’ve seen! 💜

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