Brilliant Bird Banter

Purple Finch - Mars, PA June 2017

Purple Finch – Mars, PA June 2017

Brilliant Bird Banter.

Rise early.
Sing a joyful tune.
Share with your friends.
Spread your wings and soar.
Spend time in the woods.
Make a cozy nest.

(This is just one of the many beautiful purple finches  that visit our backyard.  He’s enjoying a sunflower seed from a feeder that hangs on our deck.  We so enjoy sharing our woods and yard with our bird friends, and we can learn a lot from them too!)

Cheers & Chirps,

There’s a New Bird in Town

breakfast bird wings

There’s a new bird in town visiting our backyard feeders these days.

The wintry colors and spots and the delicacy of the bird’s wings remind me that

life imitates art

and art imitates life….

that life is art…

and art is life.

breakfast bird chatter

What do you think these two were chatting about over breakfast?

breakfast bird

They are the new bird in town.  Looks to me like it could be the European Starling?

Any experts out there know?

They sure are bringing joy and beauty and artistic inspiration.

Cheers & Hugs,

Birds in our Backyard – Better than Bravo TV

Birds have to eat – even when it is pouring down rain.

But really, Buddy – couldn’t you have waited a little bit longer for this torrential stuff to stop – eh?!

Look how SOAKED this poor little guy is?

I’m thinking it is a true sign of – ahem – middle age – err – approaching senior when you start loving to watch birds….  Please prove me wrong friends, and say it isn’t so!

When Marty first started putting up birdfeeders and watching birds and getting bird books and binoculars and telescopes and citing them by name (we think this is a rose-breasted grosbeak, but correct me if I’m wrong), I laughed.

(Just like when he started listening to country music years ago, and I poo pooed it, until one day I realized I was singing along too!) OY VEY!

But Dangit – I gotta say – I’m into this bird watching stuff now too!


Our back deck looks out into the woods, and it is practically a bird sanctuary.


To just listen to them singing all day is quite amazing, but to see them flying around, feeding, sometimes fighting over the feeders, bringing their families in – wow – it’s quite mesmerizing. (Sure beats the multitude of episodes of Housewives and Kardashians, which I have finally and completely tired of!)


Look at this cute little one waiting it’s turn.

IMG_9233Yep – I’ve become a bird watcher…

I’ve yet to capture my favorite pair of yellow finches.  I think I get so fascinated watching them, I forget to grab my camera.

I also want to capture some of the other woodpeckers (several varieties hanging out here) and the beautiful orange bellied orioles and vibrant red cardinals, but have not been successful yet.

MIkey deck

Even Mikey likes to watch them…

And they tolerate him 🙂

Yep – bird watching in our backyard is better than Bravo – any day – rain or shine….

at Life In Between.

Cheers and Hugs,